Top 5 Travel Websites in India (Online Travel Portals)

Planning to book your next tour package? So which are the best travel websites in India? Read on to find the top online travel portalsi India. Internet has brought about many changes and has become an inevitable part of a man’s life and schedules. It may be learning or earning, saving or spending, you can do it from your home. Thanks to internet, which has made communication effective beyond imagination and has brought the world closer.

The trend is to browse for any need unlike the olden days when one had to get on their feet to have some action. Planning a travel is no exception. With travel websites offering excellent support and services, people now seek travel portals for planning their travel to perfection. The trend has caught up pretty well in India owing to the stunning success of some of the best Indian travel websites.

Statistics prove that people now favor online platform for making their travel arrangements. So they can book their travel tickets online as well as have their accommodation confirmed in the destination spot. This saves them time and trouble. There are abundant information on the travel websites that give a clear insight on various aspects of planning for travel. This includes details regarding sight seeing and accommodation. Here is a list of top online travel portals in India.

Best Travel Websites in India

Let us now have a look on the 5 leading Indian travel portals frequently visited by travellers. Hope you will find this Indian travel sites list useful for booking your next trip.

1) Indian Railways

Convincingly at the number one spot, Indian Railways provides excellent service that caters to the needs of people from all parts of the country. Indian Railways travel website provides information on train schedules, availability of seats, reservation enquiry, ticket booking and ticket status. The huge rail network has become indispensable to people as they depend on train services for various needs. This includes reaching their workplaces daily and for their travel to distant parts of the nation.


Ever since it was founded in the year 2000, has grown in size and stature and become one of the top travel websites in the world. The reason for its impressive growth is due to its organized and dedicated service. Apart from booking through online, you can get all your travel needs attended to as the site provides a wide range of travel related products. Services includes domestic and international flight tickets, domestic travel arrangements, car rentals and a lot more. To top it all, MakeMyTrip coupons offer you a very good discount on various travel related products. Thus, you get to save a good deal of money on your tour expenses.


India based travel website is yet another popular site, which is widely used ever since its inception in the year 2006. It is gaining popularity with the passing of each day. The site helps you to make reservations to reach out to all parts of the world. You can plan your stay in any destination thanks to the extensive information provided in the site. They offer various tour packages, weekend getaways, honeymoon destination packages, domestic and international holidays and so on.

Your travel plans can be easily designed with The site is highly user friendly, with just a single click, you get to know the availability status for 5 days. Anyone who plans a travel, be it a business trip or a pleasure trip, will have to do some heavy thinking on the expenses. However, if you use Yatra coupons, managing your available resources is not a big deal anymore. Yatra coupons give you wonderful discounts on various products and thus your travel with Yatra is not only pleasant but also less expensive.


As the name itself suggests, makes everything about your travel arrangements clear so that you are never left in the dark. Arranging for your travel is made simple with clear guidance and support by this site. To make the best out of your travel, you are provided with all options. This makes it convenient to work out a plan that is within your budget. Domestic destination or international location, you get international standard of service with Cleartrip.

The moment you visit the site, you will experience their expertise in addressing your travel needs and with Cleartrip coupons, you could enjoy special offers and best bargains. You may come to think that it is not after all a big deal to travel to any part of the world if you have Cleartrip discounts.

5) Expedia

Partnering with Expedia is going to make your holidays great and memorable. Their holiday packages have earned a name and they give you wonderful holiday destination deals and Expedia coupons that you could not afford to overlook. The site provides you a great deal of information on various destinations and throws light on famous travel attractions in those locations. You are also provided with details on the holiday activities on offer. This makes your choice smarter and quicker. Expedia has an answer to every travel arrangement of yours.

Plan your trip with these best Indian travel websites and make your holidays memorable. The sites have tailor made arrangements that suit every single client and hence you can have a hassle free holiday and feel at home even while you are away from home.

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