Top 5 Robo Advisors India to Simplyfy Your Financial Planning

Robo Advisors, did you hear the term before? What are Robo Advisors in insurance or investment and how they help us to do personal financial planning without taking help from a person? This is what I will share in this article.

I hope everyone has watched the famous Hollywood flick The Terminator series. Even not the entire series, but at least one movie. Do you ever thought that Robots are going to replace our everyday services one by one gradually, at least in India? Robo advisors USA, UK or Japan might be a common story, but I am sure, not for India.

Financial planning is one of the essential part of every one’s life and for that so far we had approached to expert personal finance advisors for various investment ideas. But the picture is going to change very soon, as Robo financial advisors have entered in India, who can provide you expert advise absolutely free.

Robo Advisors India

If you have been to UK, USA, then Robo Advisors definition may not be unknown to you. Robo advisors are not robots who will come to you and suggest you where to invest. These are kind of online portals or automated tools where one can provide individual’s personal details and according to that system will share an investment plan.

In UK, NUTMEG is one of such popular Robo Advisors. Similar to that, in India many companies have already started providing such services by creating some automatic online tools. Here I will share such 5 best Robo advisors in India.

1. Arthayantra ~

ArthaYantra is one of the oldest and India’s first online financial advisor platform. In fact I have shared the news few times back when they launched. They are a Hyderabad based start up who deals with such automated personal finance planning. You can read more about ArthaYantra financial planning here.

2. BigDecisions ~

Want to make smarter decision on returement, investment, life insurance, housing loan etc, then you can approach to BigDecisions India. They are also a very popular online platform who can assist you to achieve your financial goals.

3. FundsIndia ~

FundsIndia is one of the most successful Robo advisor among all. They have outperformed everyone by launching various easy to access features. In fact I have started my investment in Mutual funds via FundsIndia only. I really liked their smart Solution feature, where they have allocated few funds by doing thorough research and selected funds to achieve those targets.

4. Scripbox ~

ScripBox is also a similar platform, where one can get help to invest in mutual funds easily by starting a SIP. It is very easy to use the platform and one can easily start an SIP by following the spet by step guide they have shared under How It Works. Read the complete Scripbox mutual funds review.

5. MyUniverse ZIPSIP ~

ZIPSIP is one of the latest launch in this Robo Advisor family in India from Aditya birla group. They are also concentrating more on investing mutual funds via SIP way. You might have discovered couple of ads poping up around your content on ZIPSIP. They are spending quite a good money to promote their new start up to beat the current competion in the Robo advisor segment in India. Read the article to know how ZIPSIP works.

How Robo Advisors India work?

Among them, I have personally choose FundsIndia to invest in Mutual fund. I really liked the way the platform is prepared. One can get many free advices, choose various funds shared with expert advice and start investing in any fund online immediately.

FundsIndia Smart Solutions is an example of Robo advisor India platform. Based on your requirement like Education, marriage, retirement, they have already set up some portfolio which can give you a good return to accumulate money for those tasks. One just have to select relavent option and rest of the things will be taken care by FundsIndia. Similarly you will find options for all other portal as well.

Did you use any of these Robo Advisors India platforms? Do you think they are better than consulting a traditional personal finance adviser? Share your experience on Robo Advisor vs financial advisor & also what do you think about Robo advisors in India.

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone has personal experience with moneyfrog. How this works. I tried advisesure but not user friendly. Can anyone share your experience.

  2. Good effort! I think you may add Progno Advisor, when you list fee only Robo advisors in India next time. Their automated tools are ideal and they provide Free Financial Diagnosis. I have tried the diagnosis and its just awesome. You will see your Entire Financial Life on a single screen. Even though they collect lots of data, they provide a comprehensive Study on your Finance. Just loved the way they interpret my Financial Life.

  3. Hello,
    great list. We wish to introduce one more to your list., this started as a marketplace for investors to connect with SEBI registered investment advisors, and now has added a bit of robo-advisory. We ensure that we take in least amount of data from the customer and use various data to come up with simple results.

    The financial industry as a whole is going through a great change and revolution. Robo Advisory along with human advisory would co-exist. Humans are needed to interpret variety of complications such as tax and inheritance.


    1. Well said man.. Happy to read about finvestor. Unfortunately, I could not go through the website. Read it’s a marketplace for investors to connect with SEBI registered investment advisors. Can you please elaborate? Am highly interested to update myself about Robo-advisory as well. I consult Mr. Sanjeev Kumar G, the first Fee Only Certified Financial Planner from Kerala for my personal Financial Planning. He too is SEBI registered and am happy that he is altering into robo advisory as well.
      Kindly explain on Finvestor.
      Thank You!

  4. Check
    They are only fee based robo advisors . I think best benefit with them is they dont push products. You take their advice and buy any where. If my advisor is not pushing any product , i think its good and would be more reliable

    1. hi,
      i am looking for a good robo advisor who provide me automated portfolio restructuring of my existing folios and advise me. i have reviewed all robo advisory platform mentioned here but of no use. In advisesure when i enter my MF sip details it updates computes wrong values,i wasted lots of time on it as they offer comprehensive service. so can anyone suggest me good robo advisory fee based platform.

  5. Do you know if they optimize asset location for optimal accounts? Put the more tax efficient funds in taxable accounts and less tax efficient founds in tax deferred accounts? Do you know if they have the ability to deal with existing positions with big gains?

    1. In other words,you are saying equity investments in taxable accounts and debt investments in tax deferred account ?This service is specifically provided by portfolio managers .
      Robo advisors promote mutual funds (SIP approach of Investing ) but as per goals and risk profile of the clients unlike before .

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