How can I transfer money SBI account to PPF account online automatically?

Transferring money to PPF account every month regularly is frustrating sometimes. Most of the time people forget to do that or by the time they remember there is no money left in their account to transfer. So the best way to get rid of this problem is to transfer money to your SBI PPF account online automatically by creating a recurring payment. Here we will talk about PPF account open with SBI bank only. Initially I used to transfer money to my PPF account this way and with that I was not able to meet my investment target as I forget to pay in time. And also I was not able to transfer the target amount. So I decided to create an automatic money transfer from my SBI bank account to my PPF account every month in the beginning. If you have onlineSBI access then you can simply follow the steps mentioned below and set up an automated PPF payment your own.

Steps to transfer money from SBI account to PPF account automatically

Check out the step by step guide below. After that I have also included the screen-shots of those steps. You can also follow them easily and set up your PPF standing instruction by your own

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  • First of all login to your SBI account via OnlineSBI portal.
  • Go to Payments/Transfer tab and click on Funds Transfer option in the left side
  • You can see all your account details there. Select your PPF account to transfer fund.
  • Scroll down below, you can find 3 options: Pay Now / Schedule Later / Standing Instruction. Choose the third one, Standing Instruction.
  • You can see that screen will change where it will ask you to fill some information
  • Keep frequency rate as monthly, as we want to transfer every month. Then choose 1 as schedule payment option.
  • Enter no of payments as you wish. I kept 12 to continue for next one year.
  • Then select the start date from when you want the money should deduct.
  • Then click on submit button and wait for the next screen.
  • In the next screen it will show you the complete details of every installment with date. After reviewing every detail you can click submit button.
  • You are done. Now every month on 20th the desired amount will deduct in your PPF account. But make sure that by that time your account should have that balance.
  • To check the existing standing instruction you can go to e-Services> Standing Instruction > View/Cancel

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Now find out the screen-shots to follow the steps mentioned above clearly.

transfer money SBI account to PPF account online automatically transfer money SBI account to PPF account online automatically transfer money SBI account to PPF account online automatically

So this way you can be tension free and more disciplined with your investment. If your are serious with your long term investment plan and want to invest in PPF account then the best way is to transfer money from SBI account to PPF account automatically every month. If you have your PPF account with ICICI bank or other bank then also you can follow similar process. If you don’t have an online bank access, then you can visit your nearest branch and request for ECS payment to your PPF account. You just have to fill up a form and submit it there.

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How much should I invest in PPF account?

How much do you save in PPF account every month? From this year one can save maximum 1.5 lakh in PPF account. Are you putting all your money to PPF account? Remember PPF is a long term investment product, you can’t withdraw your money before 15 years. So plan your investments accordingly and if you some plan (child education, child marriage etc) after 15 years then allocate funds for your PPF account such a way that you don’t have to look back to this account before 15 years.

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