How to become UBER Driver & Make Money Driving

Want to become a cab driver and make money independently? Did you hear the UBER Make Money Driving program launched by UBER?

Do you think being a taxi driver, one can’t make much money or can’t replace a 9 to 5 job? Then I have to say that you are completely wrong. Check out the QUORA thread where a UBER driver has shared his earning’s of one week.

Me: So how much money are you making from Uber ?

Driver: I am very content for the services and remuneration, I have made Rs 52000 max per week. As I take my work seriously, I work from morning 5:00AM to 10:00PM night, and the saturdays and sundays are mostly happening ones that covers a week.

So, what are you thinking now? Although UBER might be in news for some other reasons in last couple of months, but there are facts that many people have been benefited and leading a happy life while driving a cab.

Don’t think that I am promoting UBER here. This is the story of even OLA cab drivers as well, as they have also started providing many facilities to drivers.

How to make money as UBER cab driver

So, the point of this article is how one can make huge money by simply driving a cab or a taxi. Being it UBER or OLA or any other taxi service provider. But, here I will share about UBER process only as they have stunned everyone with some awesome stats, shared in the upper segment of this article.

UBER make money driving program

The very first thing you  need is a valid driving license, with a good driving skills. UBER has been in news recently for many reasons, so make sure that you are going to provide every genuine information about you, as the verification will be strict.

Then fill the UBER Make Money Driving Online form with all the details. Once your application will be accepted, you will be able to work with UBER as partner. Don’t forget to read every term & conditions before accepting any offer. Talk to UBER team and ask all your queries before engaging any business deal.

Is it so easy to make money while driving?

Frankly speaking if someone drive in other countries like USA, UK etc then one can really live a happy life by driving a cab. But in a country like India, it is not that easy to beat a regular good salary job by working as a cab driver. May be picture will change in coming days.

Is that mean the driver is telling a lie?

I am not saying that, but this may not be everyone’s story. Or UBER might be charging less initially and paying more to drivers as a business model. I really found the comments of the Firstpost article very useful in this context. May be people can go through and get some light about this scheme.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful article. It simply tells us about how to earn more money by joining as UBER call taxi driver. using this article, most of the youngsters who are all unemployed will be bale to get job in uber as a driver and so, they could earn a best position in their life.

    1. UBER and OLA are really doing a great work. Recently I read somewhere how UBER & OLA gave many people an opportunity to make some passive income by driving part time. Even educated students and working people are joining this program to utilize their free time and make some side income.
      This is simply creating micro-entrepreneurship.

  2. UBER and OLA is starting a different trend in Indian hired taxi service area, which will open the opportunity for many people to make some good money. loved your work.keep it up. All the Best For your future

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