Validity of Handwritten Passport India is up to November 24th, 2015

Are you holding a Handwritten Passport? Then do you know that the last date of upgrading your Handwritten Passport has just declared by Govt id India. Yes, the Validity of Handwritten Passport India is up to November 24th, 2015 only and after that they should be upgraded to machine readable passport India.

What is Handwritten Passport?

Before 2001, all passports issued were updated manually only. But after 2001, the machine readable passports introduced. So if your passport has been issued after 2001, then you are in safe zone only.

During 1990s, whatever passports issued they had validity period of 20 years. So far there are 2.86 lakh such passports need to be renew before 24th November 2015.

Basically hand written passports are not able to scan properly and now a days everywhere digitization happened and such thing is not acceptable any more. It is actually a very time consuming process to validate such passports.

How to renew Handwritten Passport in India?

As Handwritten Passports will not be acceptable after 24th November 2015, I think one have to apply for fresh passport by submitting the old one. And I think there will be no different process than the current process of applying passport in India.

You can visit to your nearest PSK and ask for the process of renewing Handwritten Passport before 24th November 2015. Do you hold a Handwritten Passport? Then don’t waste much time and go for passport renewal as the process in our country is not so smooth and it will be a challenge to complete all 2.86 lakh Handwritten Passport renew by this short period of time.

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