What to do when your Wallet is Stolen (Find your Lost Wallet)

Your wallet could go missing for various reasons or you might be pick-pocketed or you might just lose it only to never have it back. Now the question is what to do when your wallet is stolen and how to find your lost wallet? In either of the cases, if you are sure you haven’t misplaced the wallet and lost it, you must take the right measures before it gets too late.

So if you are thinking my wallet is stolen what should I do, then here are the things you must do, in order to either get your wallet back or take safety measures for any further problem:

What to do when your wallet is stolen

  1. File a report

First things first. You must first of all inform the local authorities about the theft so that if in case they find it somewhere, they can inform you and give it back to you. You would be saved indeed. If in case you have just lost the wallet or dropped it here and there, this might help you sooner!

  1. Call your bank

I lost my wallet what should I do to stop misuse of my cards? This is yet again an important step since your wallet will surely be having your Credit/Debit cards and therefore you must block them and also apply for a new one in order to make sure your cards aren’t misused in any way.

  1. Fraud Alert/Credit Freeze

Three of the major credit reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian and trans union must be informed about the loss since any kind of speculative activity shall then come under their speculation.

  1. Driving license/ keys

If your wallet had a driving license as well (which it would be having), you must inform about the same to the authorities in order to reclaim a duplicate of the same and not face further problems regarding it.

Also, if in case it had keys, any kind of PIN codes, Passwords, you must ensure that they are all changed so that none of it can be misused. For social media accounts, bank accounts, etc. all codes and passwords have to be changed so that nothing is forged.

  1. List down what’s there in wallet

To ensure that you are not missing out on any other important documents, or similar stuff, recapitulate what was there in your wallet so that the correct measures can be taken.

So this is what to do when your wallet is stolen to find your lost wallet. Also, you might now buy a new wallet, assuming, you don’t have a multiple of them! For ensuring that a stolen wallet doesn’t cost you a big deal, carry only those cards which you need and the amount of cash that you would require. Handle your wallet carefully to make sure that a similar thing doesn’t happen again in the future.

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