5 Ways To Avoid Foot Problems From Standing All Day

Some occupations will require you to stand for many hours or all day. Individuals that work in restaurants, salons, and teachers need to be on their feet for several hours continuously. While most seem to get used to it after a while, many others will end up with foot pain.

Foot pain is one of the worst foot problems as it not only interferes with your ability to work but also makes your life very uncomfortable. Luckily there are some easy ways to avoid foot problems from standing all day.

#1 Wear the Right Shoes

Although the pressure that comes from standing for long is what causes foot pain, wearing the wrong shoes can also cause or contribute to the problem.

And so it is important to invest in a pair of proper work boots with the right amount of cushioning, padding and arch support. Also, you should ensure that the work boots have the right fit and a high-quality rubber sole that can absorb the pressure from standing.

#2 Shed Some Kilos

Your feet have to carry the entire weight of your body when you are standing, walking and running. The more the weight that your legs have to support the harder they will need to work and hence also the higher the likelihood of developing pain.

Shedding some weight will make a huge difference since the legs will be under less pressure. You do not have to lose a lot of weight to see some impact because shedding as little as 10 pounds will make a significant difference to the way your feet function.

#3 Walk Around and Sit Down During Breaks

Remaining in the same position puts a lot of pressure on specific parts of your feet which results in pain. It is important to change your position after every few minutes and walk around anytime you can.

Alternating sitting and standing is also an excellent idea as it ensures that you take some load off your feet for a while. Elevating your legs during breaks can also be helpful since it encourages blood to flow to the rest of the body from the feet.

#4 Stretch Your Legs When You Can

Standing all day can make your muscles stiff and painful. Stretching after every couple of hours is a good way of dealing with tightened muscles.

You will not need to do any challenging and tiring exercises because simple calf raises are enough. These foot stretches will help to pump blood out of your foot where it tends to pool when standing for long and back to the body.

#5 Ice/Massage the Feet at Home

Once you get home, there are still many things that you can do to ease the pain. One of the most helpful ones will entail icing your feet to numb the pain.

You can do this with an ice pack or use a frozen bottle. Massaging the painful part of the foot with some essential oil or a foot massager will also offer you relief.


Many occupations will require you to be on your feet all day which can cause some foot pain. But, there are many ways of preventing and dealing with this pain.

Shedding some weight provides the best, and a permanent solution but short term measures like wearing proper work boots and doing some stretches will also be helpful.

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