Is Aadhaar Card necessary for Passport, LPG subsidy, Voter ID, PAN Card, Bank account etc

Do you know why Aadhar card is important in your daily life? Do you have applied for aadhar card yet? If not then visit your nearest aadhar autharized center and apply for aadhar card, as without aadhar your life can’t think anything in coming days.

Aadhar card has launched couple of years back with some great vision to make everything simple in future. Time has gone and we have seen many things has been related to aadhar card. Today, if you have aadhar number, then you can find many day to day application process simplified.

Recently Govt. has simplified PAN card application and IT return process. And also provided extra facility to people who has aadhar number.

Importance of Aadhar card in our Daily life

With time many thing has been changed. After new Govt. appointed, many people welfare schemes has been declared which is directly linked with aadhar card number. And people who don;t have aadhar card, can’t able to access those benefits. Some of them are

  • PAHAL or the direct benefit transfer (DBTL) scheme, where the LPG subsidy amount will be transfered to your account directly if you have linked with Aadhar card.
  • One of the major applauded scheme, Jan Dhan Yojana can only be availed if you have aadhar card. Not only that, recently launched all social security schemes like PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), PM Suraksha Bima Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Atal Pension Yojana (APY ), for everything Aadhar is a must.
  • Now one can apply PAN card in 48 hours time only, if you have aadhar card.
  • If you have aadhar card, then you don’t have to send your IT return form hard copy to CPC Bangalore.
  • Passport application process will be simplified in case you have aadhar number.
  • Not only that, voter card is going to link with aadhar number to make things simple.
  • Jeevan Praman is another initiative launched recently to make the life certificate process simplified. Here also one need aadhar number to avail the facility.
  • Not only that, even if you are planning to open your bank account for the first time, you have to provide aadhar number to make the process hassle free.

Nandan Nilekani said:

Of country’s 1.2 billion population, only 50 million i.e. less than 5% hold a passport, close to 100 million people have PAN cards and another 200 million have driving licenses. A vast section of people does not have any ID proof.

Besides this when you change your city, the first problem you face is with the identity proof. As you do not have any local address or other local proof which is mandatory for everything e.g. new mobile phone connection, LPG connection, internet connection etc. But as aaadhar card is accepted everywhere, one with aadhar number need not worry for anything.

Why Aadhar card is widely accepted as identity proof

Despite you have passport, PAN card, voter id card etc, Govt. is promoting aadhar card over everything. What is the reason behind this? Why having a aadhar number is more important?

Actually these existing proofs are also unique respective of unique no. point of view. But while issuing Aadhar card you have to provide basic demographics and bio-metric information – photograph, ten fingerprints and iris etc.

Which means there is no chance of duplicity in future as your bio-metric data is completely unique. So this will make this card a complete full proof unique identification proof for you. With this card you can visit any city in India and avail any facilities without any issue. But I think right now these things are yet to confirm.

So, if you have not yet applied for your Aadhar card, then find some time to get that for you and your family. One more thing you might have noticed the commercials on DD network that you can apply your Aadhar card in any city of India. Simply visit that center and inquiry about that. But be prepared with this Aadhar card as in coming days almost every new service is going to make Aadhar card mandatory.

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