Which Is Better Online or Offline Shopping in 2018

Fashion in today’s era has got big wings. Everyone likes to keep revising the collection in their closet as fashion can never allow you to have enough. But have you ever noticed that how much you have to explore to find best commodities for your house and for yourself? Wouldn’t it be comforting enough if you can shop from home?

Well, your wish has come true and you can shop with few clicks. There will be no going out, moving from shop to shop to find stuff, carrying home heavy shopping bags and standing in long queues to get your stuff billed.

Online Shopping VS Offline Shopping (Comparison)

Online shopping has put an end to all these troubles as it allows you to shop with one click. In today’s taxing life, no-one has time to go out and search for goods. Shopping Online is an excellent replacement that offers more comfort in the buying process. In this article, we will find why online shopping is better than the conventional method.

Before proceeding further you can check out the Top 10 popular Online Shopping websites in India where you can buy a product with cash on delivery facility.

Top 5 reasons why online shopping is better

1. Comfortable:

In a tiring day when you came back from office and found yourself undone with a shopping business, you were planned to, will be agitating. Online shopping offers you a chance to shop from home at any hour of the day. Unlike conventional stores, the shopping websites have no closing time.

You can shop while watching T.V or having meals. Usually, women have complaints about their husbands not accompanying them for shopping. Well, with the help of online shopping, you can also fulfill the desire of shopping with your husband and ask for his picks.

My wife used to do grocery shopping from Bigbasket.com. While doing the regular daily task she used to prepare the list by asking all family members requirement. It’s so easy to buy grocery online; I have to admit that online shopping is better than any other way.

2. A huge array of collections:

While buying commodities at conventional stores, you have to visit from place to place finding good options. Online stores house multiple brands at one site. There are different commodities in varied brands that can be purchased. The collection is amazing and you can find products of top-notch brands at relatively reasonable Prices.

I have to admit that how these apparel websites come in a picture as a time pass for girls. They just love to scroll down a category page to discover what are the collections & designs available for hours without getting boar. So at that point, online shopping is far better and a good time pass too.

3. Ease of payment:

Payment making at the online store is easier. You can use credit/debit cards, punch in the details and purchased amount will be deducted from your account. There is another simple method of COD i.e. Cash on delivery. Some people avoid to shop online as they don’t want to share their bank details with the sites. So Cash on Delivery is always an option for such clients.

4. Discounts:

Who doesn’t like discounts? It is always happy news when you have to pay the relatively lesser amount for a commodity. Online shopping saves huge money, as they provide regular discounts. The section contains related commodities and if you are looking for relatively cheaper commodities, then you can simply visit that section and make your pick. Certainly, you don’t get such boons at conventional stores.

This is one point where we have to accept that online shopping websites can offer the best deal or discount than others. That’s why in the Flipkart Big Billion Day has created such a headache for the retails.

5. Easy Returns:

Suppose you have ordered a dress for you. On receiving it you found that it is one size bigger, then in such a case you can simply return the dress and order yourself the right size or any other commodity that falls in the same range. In this way, you don’t have to find out time for a “return dress escapade” and receive the revised article at your doorstep.

I would love to share the exchange or return service provided by these websites, especially Myantra.com. The web interface is designed so beautifully that one can easily return a product and choose the other one. Without any trouble pick-up, boy will come and collect the old one and provide the new one.

Online shopping is time saving, easy and comfortable, so leave conventional shopping and shake hand with online stores for future purchases. Although there are bad reviews but above all online shopping is better as one has many options, flexibility and freedom.

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  2. Shopping has gone completely online these days. You can shop everything from household appliances to office supplies sitting in home. You can even import goods from abroad using Internet. Online shopping not only makes shopping easy but also save a lot of times.

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