Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Wifi Range Extender at Home

Talking about today’s advanced arena, a strong WiFi connection is as necessary as breathing. It has never been simpler to establish a WiFi network connection at the home. The main issue is that the wireless signals being transmitted from your router have a limited coverage area. Go for new extender setup if you are not getting enough range in a particular room or in an area where you usually access the internet.

Having weak WiFi signals can be a real nightmare these days. The signal strength will decrease as the distance between your router and the device increases. Interrupted connections and slower web browsing speed can give you a truly hard time while accessing the internet.

Despite the fact that there are a number of ways that help you in optimizing the existing signal strength and get the utmost speed from your router like using an extender. If you have a Netgear extender, use mywifiext web address for logging into it and setting it up properly.

Do you need a WiFi range extender? Well, the answer to this question can be found in this post. Here are the top 5 reasons why your home needs an extender:

Using an old router

Routers are often avoided – most of the people take no notice of their routers until they are working properly. Ultimately, this results in poor or weak internet connectivity. Though your router or main access point is working fine, it is recommended to consider its model’s age and prefer upgrading if the technology used in the router is out-of-date.

As a router goes older, it not only requires a newer hardware but also newer software updates that boost security and remove the chances of possible exploits. In layman’s terms, upgrading to a modern router can efficiently help in perking up WiFi signals. Furthermore, it even provides a superior wireless range and transmits a stronger signal.

Look for the best WiFi range extender for you and set it up at your home. Netgear extender setup requires you to access web address.

Using the wrong channel

If you search for the settings of your router, you will see a list of channels which perhaps set on auto selection mode. Nevertheless, you can manually change the channels to see which works the best for you. Some channels can be faster as compared to other ones relying on the interference level. You can change the wireless settings using IP address via a web browser.

Still, around 90% WiFi routers make use of 2.4GHz bands though there are a few routers which provide 5GHz. Maybe you are aware of the fact that every 2.4GHz channel overlaps leading to poor results. In case you have a newer router then it is automatically set to use the ideal channel with negligible interference. So, better to use a WiFi extender.

You want the fastest WiFi possible

WiFi extenders are generally linked with filling in dead zones but they are also used to speed up your existing WiFi and add new features to it. By using an extender, you can update to the current wireless technology such as 802.11ac – that too without replacing your router.

Some WiFi boosters or repeaters utilize advanced technology to improve the efficiency of your network, letting it handle multiple devices. Buy the extender having beamforming, dual-band WiFi, companion apps as well as Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) features. Netgear Genie is the companion app for Netgear wireless range extender.

You live in a large home

It is very difficult for a router to fill a large home with internet connectivity, especially when the home construction factors such as walls, concrete and floor weaken the signal. You can try placing the router in a central location to get the signals everywhere. But it doesn’t work well. Switching to a Netgear extender is the ultimate solution to this issue. Ensure to use Netgear WiFi range extender manual while setting it up. Or else, you can always take instant and friendly help from our certified experts.

You want WiFi outside

Given that our dependence on WiFi grows day by day, it is obvious that we will want to start using it in more places like in the front yard, garden, pool, backyard, screened porch or maybe in a detached garage. In this scenario, install a wireless range extender in the place of your home closest to the outdoor area so that you can easily access the WiFi when you are outside of your house.

Therefore, set up the extender properly. It is advised to opt for Netgear extender support from our experts to make the setup process a success.

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