How to change your LIC policy address online?

Want to change your LIC policy address online? Do you know one can change policy address by visiting LIC of India website and also by visiting nearest LIC branch office.

In fact this is one of the very common question ask by many people. If you change your city due to job change or any other reason, then it is better to change your LIC policy communication address.

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If you have registered your policy online, then you could do almost everything online without worrying about anything. In such a case address change may not be so important. But in case LIC want to send you some notification, then you may miss the same.

So, it is better to change the communication address of your insurance policy as soon as you settle down in your new city. In case of death, the address will play a crucial role for your family as they will receive many useful documents related to your insurance claim.

Process to change your LIC policy address online & offline

Like SBI, one have to do many things by visiting LIC of India branches although they have their online portal in place. But in case of policy address change, one can do that by logging into LIC online website.

Change LIC Policy Address Online:

  • If you have an LIC online account then you can proceed further, otherwise create an account first.
  • Simply register with your policy details, contact number and email id.
  • Then get the enrollment form from their website and fill the necessary details.
  • Visit any nearest LIC branch office with the enrollment form duly signed by policy holder.
  • Then they will do the verification and complete your online account access process.
  • Now you can login to your account and then change your communication address as many times you want without visiting any branch.

Change LIC policy Address Offline:

This is the conventional procedure that many of us use in almost every service in our daily life.

In case of LIC policy address change you have to visit to nearest LIC India branch office and submit a letter to LIC OF INDIA mentioning all your policy details and purpose of changing the address. Remember one thing this branch should be your policy issued LIC branch. You also have to carry the new address proof with you. After verifying all the documents your address will be updated successfully.

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So, which way you would like to change your LIC policy address? I think first one is better, although you have to visit the nearest LIC branch. But that is a one time activity, as after that one can change the communication address as many times as you want.

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  1. I want to change my LIC policy No 330526619 Ms Lalita Kapoor i have change my residence in govt quarter EPT-97 Sarojini Nagar New Delhi-110023 so kindly change my residence address in my policy

  2. Change my address for the policy no. 820663043 in LIC office Jayant complex Gadgenagar Amravati to Ballarsha branch in District Chandrapur.

  3. Sir, i m unable to pay my lic policy no.154262445 due to some technical issue. Please suggest me asap

    Gagan Singh father of Navdeep Kaur

  4. Recently I was told by LIC that address change cannot be done on LIC Portal.

    Following was the communication sent to me by LIC:-


    1. I have given them duly signed enrollment form by POST but they told me that address change cannot be done on LIC Portal

  5. Can ye change address by sending email to branch manager with my address proof(adhaar,bank passbook) in attachment??

    1. Hi Abhishek, I am not sure about that. I think you should call them once for the same. But as per my understanding, such facility is not yet enabled, but not sure 100%.:)

    1. Hi Vinod,

      Please register with LIC online portal and then try to change your LIC policy address. Otherwise best way is by visiting your nearest LIC branch.

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