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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our blog MyDailyLifeTips.com – a blog about personal finance, money and daily life’s how to guide.

What is this Blog about?

This blog is mainly created to share every day life’s mostly asked queries with proper answers. To guide various how to do thing topics with proper direction. To provide honest review of personal finance, insurance policies and many other useful products.

People behind this blog – Contributors

This is Santanu, a software professional working in a MNC. Me and My wife (Manidipa) discovered the beauty of blogging back in 2012. We mostly write about various articles related to personal finance, business, technology, how to guides, reviews.

We Have Been Featured

Before proceeding further we would like you to have a look at the recent interview taken by intelliquote.com under the Expert Interview Series for the topic Benefits of Term Life Insurance. This is an interesting experience and you can read the complete article on intelliquote blog.

Our Blogging Journey So Far…

We started our blogging journey with Recipe Blog where Me and Manidipa used to share our recipes. By the way Manidipa is a great cook and she can mix spices, twist a recipe to make it perfect. To let the world know about that we have started a recipe blog which later on going through very tough phases. We started putting other articles besides recipe in the same blog and it became a mess. In 2014 we decided to take this blogging in a serious path and started our first investment. Then we have moved this website from blogspot to WordPress. After that we have learned a lot about WordPress & blogging. Right now we both are managing couple of blogs, where Manidipa is working as a full-time blogger.

MyDailyLifeTips.com – A Personal Finance Blog & Useful How to Guides

ManidipasKitchen.com – Authentic Bengal Recipe Blog

wpblogging360.com – Beginners Guide To WordPress Blogging

Mypassiveincometips.com – How To Make Money Online From a Blog

Sukanyasamriddhiaccount.com – A Small Savings Scheme For Girl Child

TechListz.com – A Technology Blog on Best Products reviews

WordPress is an awesome platform that we came to know recently. We are enjoying everything about WordPress and hoping to utilize more in coming days. We would like to say thanks to Jane Sheeba, who helped us to migrate our blogger website to WordPress platform. Not only that she suggested to run two separate blog to get better result and direction in future. She is an awesome person with a great heart. You can contact Jane for professional help if you are looking for.

We are working hard to make these 2 blogs worth for reading and make our investment, intention worthy. Honestly speaking, we love to spend time together while cooking, writing, blogging. Hope our attempt will create some useful content to make someone happy….

Do this blog generate any income?

Yes, so far we have earned some amount from this blog via various advertising sources ( ad-sense, direct advertising, review posts etc). But that is not significant to mention here. Our focus is more on creating quality and useful content for readers. In the long run we will definitely look into this aspect and also share with our readers. There is nothing to hide and this is the beauty of blogging.

Why Should I read this Blog?

The good part about this blog is you can read and understand the article very easily. Mostly I concentrate on insurance policy review, income tax, home loan, daily life how to guides where most people proceed wrongly as they don’t have proper information. If you follow my blog you can be aware about the small but significant facts about a task that you may perform in your life.

The last Word and a Humble request:
Keep visiting our blog & enjoy the articles. Subscribe to our blog to motivate us to grow more & work harder. Any kind of suggestion is always welcome. For any query or information, kindly contact us first by simply visiting our contact us page. We will definitely work on that within 24 hours.


  1. Hi Shantanu & mandipa,

    Firstly i would like to thank you for giving me idea and motivation to start my own blog and I have helped my wife to just start the blog. I have read your article http://www.wpblogging360.com/best-wordpress-themes-for-blogs/ wherein you advissed not to use free theme.
    But I have came across your blog mydailytips.com which is based on Blognow Plugin and available free.
    My question is why you still using free plugin and recomending everyone to use paid. I think this is not fair.
    I would recommend my mentor not to leave impression like these.

    Also would you mind sharing how can monetise my blog.

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I am not at all using free theme buddy. This website is running on BlogNow of HappyThemes.com. Not only that, all our other websites are running on premiums themes like Genesis Framework, Mythemeshop etc only. From our experience so far working with all themes, we found Studiopress is the best one. Very soon we will be shifting to a Studiopress child theme.

      I hope I have cleared your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Hay Santanu!

    I often follow your blog and wpblogging360.com, Now i visited through quora and when i checked your profile you are from hyd, am also mate ! and the surprising part is till now don’t know mandipa is your wife.. good mate! both are rocking Indian bloggers, keep blogging and share your knowledge through your blog posts..

  3. I applied for Tatkaal passport but PSK office rejected saying I am not eligible , how do i get the refund amount in this case. I have to apply as normal passport which is in processing. Can you pls send me the email / contact no to get refund amount. Thanks.

  4. how should we pay income tax at end of year?do we have to go to income tax office or what? & one more thing in our salary automatically some amount gets deducted for what?

    1. Hi Riyaz,

      At the end of year one pay self assessment tax by visiting any nearest SBI branch or one can also visit income tax India website and fill e-challan no 280. This way one can pay income tax if something is due. After paying your due income tax you have to mention everything about during your e filling time so that you can report that to Income Tax department.
      But make sure you have re-evaluate all your savings and investment, able to exhaust your 100% income tax benefit and then pay due tax. You can find a good article about income tax saving other than 80C here

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