5 Tips For Buying Gold Jewellery on Akshaya Tritiya 2016

Do you know when is Akshaya Tritiya 2016? It is on 9th May 2016 on Monday. Recently one of my friend asked me why do we buy gold on akshaya tritiya? Frankly speaking I am also not that aware about the history of the topic, but people consider this as best auspicious time to buy gold. You can check out more on akshaya tritiya wiki page.

I have seen many of my friends are purchasing gold whether there is a need or not. So, if you are also planning to buy gold jewellery online as there are many Akshaya Tritiya Offers are luring your mind, then follow these simple tips to make the most out of this Akshaya Tritiya 2016.

Tips To Buy Gold Jewellery Online on Akshaya Tritiya 2016

Due to eCommerce boom in India, now it is very easy to buy gold or jewellery online from any of the top brands in India. Almost every top jewellery brands in India like Khazana Jewellery, Sky Jewellery, Damas Jewellery, Jos Alukkas, joyalukkas akshaya tritiya offer 2016, bhima jewellers, big bazaar, malabar gold, Kalyan Jewellers, tanishq are offering massive Akshaya Tritiya online sale offers to attract customers. But as a customer, how to find a genuine things online.

Reputation of the Seller: When you are buying any Jewellery online from Tanishq or DDamas, you can be sure about the brand name as they have branches almost every cities in India. So, the point here is, don’t get lured by any online offer which is promising some breath taking discount on jewelries. First check out the authenticity of the seller and its reputation online. Try to find out where the showrooms are and how people reviewed them from various experiences.

Don’t Just Go By The Design: This is for sure that you are not going to get 24 K gold in any Jewellery. But make sure that the seller is clearly mentioning how much the pure gold is used and how much other stuffs like copper, silver and nickel are mixed in certain percentage in gold to make jewelry.

BIS Hallmark Certification Mark: Have you noticed Amitabh Bachchan talking about Hallmark Certification mark in any of the promotional ad on TV? This is a mandatory checklist which will tell you the quality of gold. This will also help you to sell the gold jewellery later or get a good exchange value.

Delivery & Packing Terms: Check clearly whether cash on delivery facility is available or not, how the packing will be and what if you have received a damaged items on delivery. The return policy is very crucial when you buy gold jewellery online, as generally they are very delicate and with little improper handling they can damage.

Are You Paying More Online: When Amazon & Flipkart are telling that you will get the cheapest price online, have you ever verified that the Jewellery you are buying online is really cheaper online or you nearest jewellery shop is offering a better deal on this akshaya tritiya 2016?

So, if you are still asking is it good time to buy gold on akshaya tritiya, then I will say it is always good time to buy gold in case you have some long term investment plan. Look for new sovereign gold bond scheme launched recently. But for other needs, its always you have to take your decisions. But whatever is your reason to buy gold online in akshaya tritiya, make sure you just remember these tips.

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