7 Best Free Emoji Apps for Android & iPhone

Want to download the latest emoji App for your Android phone or install a new emoji app for iPhone? Then you must check this list of so amazing free download Emoji Apps.

If you think writing long texts is time-consuming and boring, you might definitely find the world of emojis fascinating. They allow you to send several words worth of text with a single emoticon. Not to forget the fact that they are super fun and make the conversations more engaging. But what if you are bored with the same old emojis of Android?

While newer emojis are regularly made available for the users and several apps such as WhatsApp come with their own set of fun emojis, things can feel limited at times. Well, if you are feeling the same, there are some amazing free Android apps for you. If you are looking for emojis that can fit in a host of situations and can add more fun to your conversations, these free apps can surely offer hundreds of amazing emoji options.

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Top 7 Best Emoji Apps for Android & iPhone Users in 2020( Free Download )

If you don’t really want to try and test several different emoji apps in order to find one that has the best emoji collection and works as promised, we have a list of 7 of the best ones.

1. Bitmoji

If you are looking for a free Android emoji app that is different from the hundreds of available options, Bitmoji is sure to impress you. With Bitmoji, you can create your very own personalized avatar and stickers featuring the avatar. The makers of the app have really worked pretty hard and this can be easily determined through the amazing options you get for creating your own personalized avatar.

For instance, you get to select your outfit, headwear, footwear, and if you have a creative bend, you can also add wrinkles around the eyes, and what not to make sure that the avatar looks exactly like you. The avatar can then be shared across platforms with just a simple tap. Bitmoji stickers are also directly integrated into Gboard, the keyboard offered by Google.

You can also use it on Snapchat where it will unlock a feature known as ‘friendmoji’. This will enable you to access stickers with not just yours but even your friend’s avatar. This Android app is so amazing that Snapchat went ahead and actually acquired it. Fortunately, it is still free and can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.  

2. Kika Keyboard

If you want nothing but the best of emojis, Kika Keyboard is also a great free option. It is one of the highest-rated emoji apps on the Play Store and is very popular for its smooth user interface and functioning. This app has a vast collection of fun emojis, GIFs, and even stickers which can be instantly shared on social networking platforms.

Apart from the emoji gallery, Kika is actually a keyboard that can effortlessly replace your standard Android keyboard. It comes with all the basic keyboard features such as auto-correct and prediction, language options, key sounds, and more. You also get additional options such as hundreds of keyboard themes and font size adjustment to perfectly suit your style and convenience.

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New emojis are regularly added to the collection so that the users have a fun emoji for every situation. Even the voice typing feature of the keyboard is known to be one of the best.

3. Emoji Keyboard

As the name suggests, Emoji Keyboard is a keyboard that comes with more than a thousand cute and fun emojis, stickers, and even trending GIFs. To eliminate the need for users to search for the right emoji from hundreds of different options, the keyboard allows you to directly type the emoji name with its prediction feature for emojis.

The keyboard also has several interesting keyboard themes to help you enhance the appearance of your mobile phone. It also has all the basic keyboard features that you might already be used to which ensure that you experience complete ease and convenience with the app. With an average rating of 4.5 stars and more than a million downloads, rest assured that all your emoji needs would be effectively fulfilled with this app.

While you can download the app for free, it does have some premium set of emojis and themes. Even if you do not want to pay for the premium offerings, there are still hundreds of free emojis and themes to keep you entertained and light up your conversations.

4. Facemoji

If you generally like to have loads of emoji options so that you can select the exact one that best suits a situation or emotion, Facemoji is what you need. The free Android app is home to more than 3,000 emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more to suit each and every feeling and mood. The emoji prediction feature of the app is pretty amazing and enables you to type a word and automatically have the related emojis on the screen.

The app also has a unique feature known as ‘emoji combo’ that allows you to send more than one related emojis with a single tap. But the best part of the app is definitely the feature that allows you to use your own face for creating a custom emoji.

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The joy of sending emojis with your face in it is way more than just sending standard emojis. And with Facemoji, you can experience this fun for free by creating unique custom emojis. It also comes with many different skins for your keyboard and allows you to choose your own picture for the keyboard.

5. Elite Emoji

With more than 1,000 amazing emojis and stickers, the Elite Emoji app will ensure that you never run out of options. Simply download and open the app, select an emoji and you will get the option to instantly share the same on social networking platforms. You can also easily copy and paste the emojis in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram.

Apart from these popular networking apps, the app also supports a number of other apps and social platforms. If you are looking for something more than emojis and stickers, the app also has a vast collection of high definition GIFs. Moreover, you can also use your own images to create fun GIFs of your own which you can then share with your friends.

Moreover, the app is smart enough to track your messaging style and then automatically recommend the best emojis and stickers for your conversations. If you are looking for a simple and fun way to spice up your conversations, Elite Emoji is surely a great option.

6. Imoji

If the standard emojis and stickers are not what you like anymore, try Imoji. It is an interesting platform where the community members create a host of amazing emojis and share the same with other users. You too can use the app to create your very own emojis and share the same with the world. Apart from emojis, you can also create custom stickers with pictures of your own.

Once created, the emojis and stickers can then be easily shared on most of the popular messaging apps and social platforms. As a matter of fact, the app itself is a messaging platform which can be used just like all the other popular apps such as WhatsApp. You can add friends and chat with them and also share the custom emojis and stickers.

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While the app is not as popular as the other free emoji apps listed above, it definitely is a must-try app if you are looking to create custom emojis and stickers.

7. Emojidom Emoticons for Texting

Intelligently named by combining the words ‘emoji’ and ‘kingdom’, Emojidom fully justifies its name. It has a vast collection of emojis which you can use in your messaging apps, social platforms, and also in emails. Currently, there are more than 4,000 free emojis on this app to make sure that you have a perfect emoji for every occasion and conversation.

Moreover, the app also supports text messaging on Android apps. So, if you prefer sending the standard text messages to friends, you can still use the awesome emoji collection of this app. And not just your day-to-day conversations, the app also has emoji categories such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and many more.

Moreover, there are also emojis resembling famous celebrities and even superheroes. With Emojidom, rest assured that your texting experience will change forever. The app is completely free and is supported by all the smartphones and Android versions.

Conclusion: Best emoji app for Android 2020

These are 7 of the best free emoji apps for Android that you should definitely try if you are looking to make your conversations more fun and interactive. Try as many of these as possible as they are available for free and share this post with your friends and family so that they too can enjoy a far better texting experience with these amazing Best Free Emoji Apps For Android Phones & iPhone Users.