Best Unlimited Broadband plans in Hyderabad

If you are looking for best unlimited broadband plans in Hyderabad, then you are at the right place. I have spend enough time in Hyderabad and without internet I can’t think even a second. So I was looking for a reliable and cheap unlimited broadband plans in Hyderabad. In this article I will share about my experience.

Best unlimited broadband plans in Hyderabad

There are many broadband internet service providers in every city, so as in Hyderabad. I have used couple of them finally I landed on Beam Cable Internet Service, now named as ACT Fiber Net. I have used them for years and simply want to tell that they are the best internet service provider I have discovered ever.

I have used their 15 MBPS unlimited broadband plan in Hyderabad with a monthly download limit of 30 GB. Later it has increased to 60 GB. They have couple of other plans with very affordable charges. Check out the popular Act Fiber Net unlimited plans below.

Best Unlimited Broadband plans in Hyderabad

Seems like the plan I was using is not there and there are far better plans they are offering right now. Their customer support team is also very active. They have dedicated team in every zone and if you face any issue people will come and fix the same. But, you may have to wait max 24 hours, I didn’t mind that. 🙂

Other Popular Unlimited Broadband plans in Hyderabad

Besides Beam cable or Actcorp Internet, I have user Airtel Internet, Tata Docomo and even Hathway Internet as well. Compared to all I found Act is best so far. But that doesn’t mean that others are bad. In fact I was using Tata Docomo dongle for my office usage purpose and that was also impressive. 

Anyway, lets find out Other Popular Unlimited Broadband plans in Hyderabad.

Company Name

Plan Name




IntelliSpeed 4Mbps 60GB


Rs 599

YOU Broadband

YOU Strong 4Mbps


Rs 500

BSNL Broadband

BBG Combo Unlimited 611 CS54


Rs 611

Airtel Broadband

Internet Newbie


Rs 615

Zoom Broadband

Zoom 650


Rs 650

Reliance Broadband

Thunder 899


Rs 899

Tikona Broadband



Rs 999

This is not a paid post, means Act group is not paying me to write good about their broadband plans. Its my personal opinion. You can also share your experience and review about best unlimited broadband plans in Hyderabad.

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