Bharti AXA Life Invest Once Policy is a newly launched single premium traditional plan by the company. This is a typical single premium policy where user have to pay the premium online once and get a life cover as per the policy. This is an investment cum insurance plan where guaranteed addition up to 9% interest can be expected. People from 25-35 years are the best suited one to buy this policy. There are 2 policy term available to choose from 5 years and 10 years. The minimum annual base premium is Rs 5000 only. For more details about Bharti AXA Life Invest, read below details.

Highlights of Bharti AXA Life Invest Once Insurance Policy

Bharti AXA Life Invest Once has almost similar features of other policies of this types.

  • This is a savings plus insurance plan where you can get multiple benefits like 10 times life cover, 9% guaranteed additions, income tax savings etc.
  • The premium amount for this policy will be taken only once in the entire policy tenure. That means if you are looking for a plan where you can invest lump-sum and save income tax then this could be a option for you.
  • In case of death during policy tenure your nominee or family will get higher of Sum Assured, Sum Assured at Maturity or 125% of the Single Premium.
  • In case you survive till the end of policy tenure, you will get sum assured value. E.g. If you pay one-time premium of Rs 5,00,000, then in case of unfortunate death n case he survives, he receives the Sum Assured of Rs 9,50,000 at maturity.
  • If you wish to increase the life cover then you can pay extra premium and get the same. You can use their Bharti Axalife premium calculator to check the premium amount.

Bharti AXA Life Invest Once Eligibility Details

Parameter Eligibility
Minimum age at entry (age last birthday) 8 years for 10 years term
13 years for 5 year term
Maximum age at entry (age last birthday) 55 years
Maximum Maturity Age (age last birthday) 60 years for 5 years term
65 years for 10 year term
Minimum Sum Assured Depends on the minimum Premium
Minimum Annual Base Premium
(Excluding applicable taxes and Premium for enhanced death cover)
` 5,000
Maximum Annual Base Premium
(Excluding applicable taxes and Premium for enhanced death cover)
No limit
Policy Term 5 years & 10 years
Premium Payment Term Single Premium

How to buy Bharti AXA Life Invest Once online

This is a online policy from Bharti AXA Life. You can simply visit their online portal or visit Bharti AXA Life Invest Once brochure to buy the policy as well as find more detailed information.

Read the complete document, terms & conditions carefully before buying the Bharti AXA Life Invest Once Insurance Policy.


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