OLA Cabs, UBER, Dot Cabs, Meru Cabs and many more has made our life easy like anything. I just can’t believe till few years back while going out occasionally, it was a very difficult to find a cab in many areas and even if you get you have to go for solid bargaining with the cab drivers depending upon your hometown.

Why I mentioned hometown is because I think we all will agree that the hired taxi or cab drivers don’t behave in similar way in all major cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

Anyway, with the rise of these hired cabs in India now the life is very easy. You don’t have to bargain anymore or argue worth the car driver to put on the meters, or you don’t have to roam on road side for finding a suitable taxi for your destination. Simply no question asked and we can go anywhere as per our comfort zone only.

But, as we all know that to avail this facility you need a smartphone and the knowledge of how to operate these apps. This might be a very simple task for anyone, but sometimes very difficult for our parents. So, how do they will enjoy riding these hired taxi services in India? Let’s find out.

Steps To Book Ola Cabs / UBER Cabs Different Location or Someone Else

This process is helpful for parents or your loved one who is somehow trapped in a place where network is not good. Personally, I have applied the same for my parents travelling to Airport or any temple whenever they want and for my spouse also when she faced some mobile network issue while travelling.

It’s very simple indeed and I am sure you can follow the below step for any hired taxi services in India e.g. Ola cabs or Uber cabs.

Step 1: Open the mobile app and choose the pick up location you want to pick up of the passenger. By default it will be your booking location.

Step 2: Search for cabs and when found then put the drop location. Mostly the drop location will be your home location only as I am assuming that your parents or family might done the trip and now want to come back home and looking for cabs.

Step 3: Now book the cab and get confirmed. As soon the details confirmed, you simply call the cab driver and ask him/her about the situation and from where he/she need to pick your family member.

Step 4: Make sure you have also called your family member with the cab driver details and card numbers so they can also track him physically and board on the cab.

Step 5: In case you have OLA money or any other wallet money balance, then make sure to inform your family not to pay the cab driver and also get it confirmed from the cab driver also.

I think that’s it. Your family member can now go anywhere and come back home safe without struggling to find a cab way back to home. You can easily book a cab using your OLA cab or Uber cab mobile app for anyone one.