How to Book Train Tickets Online 30 Minutes Prior to Departure

Do you know, now you can book train tickets online 30 minutes prior to departure of train? Yes, from 12th November 2015 this rule will be applied. This will be a great move as you can book a train ticket instantly or plan your travel at the last moment. So far, you had only one option to book train ticket on urgent basis, that was tatkal ticket booking process. But now you can easily buy a train ticket just 30 min before train departure using irctc website itself.

How to Book Train Tickets Online 30 Minutes Prior to Departure

This facility will be disclosed soon online as well as on every railway station. You may not avail this facility for every train, but for special or few more trains will get this facility. One can visit IRCTC website or go to nearest railway station and buy a train ticket in 30 min back. IRCTC has launched cash on delivery facility and also launched IRCTC luggage insurance recently.

The train department will prepare the reservation chart 4 hours before leaving the train. But this will not be the final one. Just before 30 minute before train departure they will prepare the final reservation chart. This will give them a clear idea who are travelling with the train and that will be more accurate.

This will also help railway department increase their earning by optimizing the railways accommodation facility. Not only that, this will also stop illegal ticketing activities and middleman concept as people can book a train ticket just before 30 minute of train departure.

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