What Are The Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer actually takes place when the cervical cells grow abnormally and start invading other organs and tissues of the human body. When cervical cancer is supposed to be invasive, it would be affecting the deeper cervical tissues and could also, be spreading to different parts of the body such as the liver, lungs, rectum, vagina, and even the bladder.

Initially, cervical cancer cases have no apparent symptoms. If you notice the warning signs, rest assured that your cancer certainly would be at an advanced stage. The cure is not ruled out but things could become much more complicated and challenging. The cure would be involving chemotherapy or radiation, and the results are supposed to be less certain.

The heartening news is that with constant follow-up and regular screening, most cervical cancer deaths could be prevented. DNA Sequencing data could assist scientists in gleaning information regarding certain rare diseases which are not properly diagnosed by only examining patient’s symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer

This process is yielding valuable insights for specific diseases such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, etc. This process would start playing a pivotal role in diagnosing certain other diseases once more genetic data is actually accessible during the next few years. Check out more information by visiting https://www.mybiosource.com/.

Here are some of the signs of cervical cancer that must be taken seriously and you must seek prompt medical care and treatment.

Abnormal Bleeding

The most common symptom associated with vaginal cancer is unusual vaginal bleeding. This could refer to unexplained bleeding in between periods or after an intercourse. You may experience bleeding even past menopause. These are some of the common signs of the dreaded disease called cervical cancer.

Pelvic Pain

Another most common symptom indicating cervical cancer is the pelvic pain. You may experience a diffused pain or it may be showing up in some particular area of your pelvis. This could be ranging from a really sharp pain to a somewhat dull ache.

Strange Discharge

Foul-smelling cloudy discharge is certainly a symptom of cervical cancer. The discharge may, however, be watery also in some cases. You must keep in mind that there are numerous reasons for getting a vaginal discharge and so do not assume that you are having cervical cancer. You must observe patiently and get in touch with a doctor and do the required tests. Do not get unnecessarily worked up.


Cervical cancer triggers many kinds of symptoms and fatigue is also a cervical cancer sign that you must not ignore. There are many health issues that lead to fatigue or exhaustion. Fatigue should not be ignored but it is not the only symptom to focus on. Urinating frequently or feeling like peeing all the time are some common symptoms that are associated with cervical cancer. Moreover, the quality of poop would be changing persistently.


We have discussed some of the common signs of cervical cancer but some of these symptoms occur for some other diseases too. So there is no need to switch on the panic button yet. If the symptoms persist over a week, you could consult a doctor and do the tests prescribed by him.

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