How to check aadhar card status online

Did you apply Aadhar card and don’t know where to check aadhar status online? Or did you re-apply aadhar card and want to check the current application?

In this article I will share the simplest way to check your aadhar card status online. I have noticed many people are asking for aadhar status by name and that is also possible now. You can also read why Aadhar is necessary for everything in India.

check aadhar status online by name and enrollment id

The Unique Identification Authority has instructed people to check their Aadhar card status online who has not yet received their card yet and take necessary actions accordingly. If required you might have to re-enroll for Aadhar card again via UIDAI website.

This action has taken after receiving many complaints from people who has not yet receive the Aadhar card even after application of 2 years which is really a strange issue.

Steps to check Aadhar Card status online

As per new instructions a person has to check Aadhar status on UIDAI website only. System has been launched to help people to check aadhar status online easily.

If you have Aadhar Enrollment ID, then use the below link and check aadhar card status online by enrollment no.

If you want to check aadhar card status by name, then use the below link.

Meaning of various Aadhar Card status messages

So, after using any of the way mentioned above what is you aadhar status showing? I have listed few of the common issues faced by people below.

  • If your Aadhar card application status is showing as “Rejected” or “Processing Not Possible Due to Technical reasons” then it is advised to re-enroll for Aadhar card and complete the entire process to get a new Aadhar card.
  • In case your Aadhar card online status shows “Not Found” and you have applied before April 1st 2012 then also it is advised to re-enroll Aadhar card again.
  • In case of people applied after April 1st 2012 and if status shows “In Process” then you have to wait for one more month and then check the status. If no progress then contact concerned department or authorities.
  • In case your Aadhar card is issued but you have not received the card physically then you can visit the UIDAI website and download it directly.

So, what are the other messages you have faced while checking you Aadhar card status online? Share your query or feedback about Aadhar card status here.

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  1. My adhar enrolled number is 1207/34065/10038
    15/07/2015 10:18:15
    Whenever I check online to find any progress it shows this enrollment is under manual check.I am in dilemma as I need my adhar urgent .
    What to do now ? It would be very kind of u to make it clear.

  2. This is a very nice article and very helpful. I totally agree that Aadhar has really changed everything in India and will do many changes.

    1. Thanks ragini for your comments.

      Govt is trying to link every process or service with Aadhar number. E.g. recently we have seen IT refund filing has been opted out for Aadhar holders and and one can apply a PAN card in 48 hours if has Aadhar number.

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