5 Signs you are Ready to Start a Family – Marriage Checklist 2018

Are you ready for Marriage or planning to start your family? The first question come into anyone one’s mind regarding starting a family is how much settled in life one is or how much you have saved to handle the financial pressure of marriage life. But there are few other points as well, which also should be considered when you are planning for your marriage. In this article I will share some checklist for starting a family or preparing for marriage which you can follow to step forward.

Checklist for Starting a Family or Getting into married life

One has to be mentally and financially stable while planning to expand his/her family. Most people always only focus on how much savings they can do before marriage. But Do you know that you have to spend more than 60-70% of your life-span after marriage only. So, it is not possible to plan everything or get everything perfect before marriage. But, one can plan how he/she can plan to live that long life happily.

Checklist for Starting a Family

1. Mentally ready to take responsibility

The first point I would say is the mental stability. Most people get into marriage after spending a bachelor & independent life. Where he/she can earn, spend for them only, live a life with own terms & conditions. But after marriage, it’s completely opposite. One has to live a life to balance the happiness, requirement and terms of both the person. Not only that, in future when kids come into picture, things will be even more different. So, get ready mentally first to take up the responsibility and enjoy a new kind of happiness in life.

2. How much you are Earning & What is the Future of your Job

If you are single and don’t have any one’s responsibility, then you can live a peaceful life without bothering what kind of stability is in your job. But in case of a family member, he/she have to make sure to continue their earning to the maximum duration. In case not possible, you have to find out other income ways to generate regular income to meet various financial goals of you & your family.

3. Habit of Saving Money

You might have been proud of your mother or father as they hardly spend on anything which is not required. Mostly they tried to save only. But do you know before marriage they were like us only. Gradually they have realized the responsibilities, realized the goals of their life, defined the short term goals and also planned accordingly to achieve them financially. This kind of analysis helped them to save money rather than spending unnecessarily.

4. Importance of a Health Insurance & Life Insurance

How much importance do you give to buy a health insurance policy? If you are not serious, then you have to be serious now. You should buy enough health insurance for your family, because whatever is your income, it is getting really difficult to meet the medical expenses on emergency. Medical expense have been raised significantly in last few years and not only that, various new diseases are also coming into picture now a days. Due to our food habit & lifestyle, cancer, depression and various other disease are appearing in huge number in urban life. It is not possible to fight with them as no one know how much money is enough to get cured. Similarly, you should know the importance of a term insurance plan, as in case you die who will take care of your family? Or at-least give your family a financial support in case you are no more.

5. Mandatory Goals of a married life: You should be aware about the must expenditures that you are going to spend after getting married. As we are living in a society, so you have to manage a house, buy a car, put your kid in a good school, maintaining a active life-style and many more such things. You should be aware about such targets and be yourself ready mentally & financially to achieve them periodically.

I know there are many such points as per the the individual needs. Getting into a married life is a huge opportunity to become a responsible person. You should prepare your own checklist for starting a family. So plan now to live a happy & stable after marriage life with your family.

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