How to Connect your TV to your Computer/ Laptop

Want to use your PC as a television? Then the next question would be “how to connect your TV to your computer or laptop?” People say that today’s technology is all about future and we totally agree as future is without wires and we have seen many wireless technologies launched in this year like the Google Chromecast. Well, not everything is wireless right now. And the first thing that comes to our mind is connecting your TV to your computer or Laptop.

How to Connect your TV to Laptop/ Computer

There are different ways to connect computer to TV. However, in this article I will discuss the 3 best ways to connect PC to TV. So let’s see each one in detail.

  1. Using HDMI Port

High Definition Multimedia Interface, also known as HDMI, is available in most of the modern television sets. You can easily connect your Laptop or computer using a HDMI wire that will go to the HDMI Port of the TV. There might be a chance that your laptop or computer is old or falls in the budget category, so there might be chances that you will not have a HDMI port in your laptop or PC.

Now how to connect laptop to TV without HDMI? Don’t worry, there are cables available in the market which would allow you to connect your VGA port of the laptop or desktop to the HDMI Port of the TV. It is that easy.

  1. Using VGA Cable

This method is one of the oldest methods of connecting two devices for multimedia purposes. HDMI port has inbuilt audio connector whereas VGA cable will just let you connect your screen without any audio. Laptops that were launched in 2015 were launched with the VGA port and most of them have a VGA Port.

The only reason behind using a VGA Port is that you might have an old TV Set which doesn’t support a HDMI port. All you need to do is connect the VGA cable at both ends and then tighten the screw to make it perfect. However, to be able to play music along with the video, you will have to connect audio out to the TV set.

  1. Using Google Chromecast

This is the most convenient and the most modern way to connect your TV to the Laptop or Computer. However, as this is the latest technology, it does have some limitations. Only recent laptops and desktop versions have an option to cast screens and in case you don’t have a Wifi connection, you will not be able to connect your laptop or computer to the Google Chromecast.

However, this is the best way of connecting computer to TV wirelessly. The latest version of the Chromecast will also let you stream full HD video and you don’t have to connect your audio through any other medium as it will also play the music along with the video.

So these are some of the easiest ways to connect computer to TV. Are you using any other technique to do so? Please feel free to share.

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