Fire Alarm Systems – Things You Need To Know

What would you do when you are not at home or probably asleep, and a major fire breaks out at your premises? Don’t you think there should be such type of equipment which gives you prior information about fire?

Installation of the fire safety equipment is essential to protect your premises from the fire. Nowadays everyone knows what fire alarms are and why they are being used widely across the globe. Fire safety equipment is to save you from the unexpected fire.

Several brands are introducing a broad range of fire alarms, but the question is what major things you need to know before buying fire alarms? In this article, you will get to know about important things which need your attention before installation.

Additionally, I am going to let you know about top fire alarms which are being selected by several renowned brands.

Specific Type of Fire Alarms

First of all, you need to know about the particular type of fire alarms. Different brands are introducing several kinds of fire alarms. Detail information is required for each type so you can quickly figure out the best one for your premises.

Dual sensor fire alarms, Ionization fire alarms, and photoelectric smoke detectors are the main types of alarms so you should know how these fire alarms will operate? Get to know in detail first and then go for the selection procedure.

Evaluate property size

For large buildings, you need to install more than one fire alarm, so this is essential to assess the size of your property. If you install one or two fire alarms to a large building, then it wouldn’t work as per your expectation.

Monitoring process

Monitoring process would be different for several types of fire alarms. It depends on you what kind of fire alarms you installed and what will be the monitoring process? If you are acquiring the assistance of any security agency, then you need to follow their monitoring guidelines.

Building Regulations

You should know the building regulations for fire alarms. Commercial building will require the commercial type of fire alarms. So you need to check thoroughly whether your fire alarm meets your building requirements or not.

Types of fire alarms

Let me tell you some of the top types of fire alarms that are gaining popularity and most of the brands are using these for their products. Take a look.

Photoelectric & Ionized Fire Alarm

These type of alarms use photoelectric and ionized sensors to detect the fast-burning fires. Such type of alarms are hardwired with battery. Several brands are opting this for their top products.

Battery Operated smoke/Carbon Mono-Oxide Fire Alarm

This type of fire alarms has ionization sensors rather than photoelectric. As you can figure through name, it functions as both smoke and carbon Mono-oxide fire alarms.

Hardwired Fire Alarm

Such type of Fire Alarms uses ionization sensors to detect fire. These type of fire alarms are battery operated. It can be easily interconnected with other alarms. Hardwired fire alarms are grabbing the attention of several brands nowadays.

Dual Sensor Fire Alarms

These type of fire alarms are a little bit expensive because they are using both ionization and photoelectric sensors to detect fire. Intelligent sensing technology reduces the rate of false alarms.

Wireless Fire Alarms

It allows the interconnectivity between two units without hard wire and such type of alarms use the photoelectric sensor to detect fire. You will get such type of fire alarms in Essex or nearby areas. Most of the top brands are preferring wireless fire alarms for their customer to avoid wiring issues.

These are the top recommended types of fire alarms and some of the detail which you should know before installing fire alarms. Get the high-quality fire alarm for your premises to prevent any unexpected loss.

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