Happy Holi Quotes in Hindi, English, Wishes, Whatsapp

When is Holi 2019 in India? If you don’t know the dates, then it will start from 20th March 2019 and end by 21st March 2019. So, how to wish your friends & family on this Holi?

That’s the reason I have collected some awesome Happy Holi quotes in Hindi, funny Holi quotes in English, inspirational Holi messages in English, Holi wishes in Hindi, Holi quotes for friends, emotional Holi quotes etc at one place.

If your friends are on any social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or messaging App like Whatsapp, then you just have to copy the best Holi quote for your friend and msg him or her. I wish you all a very great, safe & Happy Holi for 2019. Make sure you are not hurting yourself or your friends while playing with colors.

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Happy Holi Wishes Status in English

May God gift you all the colors of life,
colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life.
Happy Holi.

All are child inside and festival will bring out the child in us. So, lets celebrate the color festival. Happy Holi!

Happy Holi Quotes in Hindi for Love

सुना हैं होली आ रही हैं, गोपियों हमसे जरा संभल के रहना,
क्युकी हम गालों पे रंग लगाकर दिल का रंग चुरा लेते हैं |

तुम जो साथ हो हर दिन मेरी तो होली है, सात रंगों से भरी दुनिया मुझे लगती है, तेरे प्यार के रंग में डूबके मुझको, हसीं रंग भरी दुनिया की हर शाम लगती है…

Funny Happy Holi Wishes for Friends

Holi is fun when you have your dearest friends and family members to celebrate,A very Happy Holi to you buddy!!

I will put all the colors on your face on this Holi and I’m praying to God to add more colors to your beautiful life. Happy Holi!

Holi Wishes for Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Har khushi apki rahe, Har muskan apke hothon par saji rahe, Rang bhare iss tyohar ki tarha, Apki zindagi bhi rangeen rahe.

Lal gulaabi rang hai,
Jhum raha sansar hai,
Suraj ki kiran khushiyon ki bahar,
Chand ki chandni apno ka pyar,
Shubh ho aapko yeh Rango ka tyohaar.
Happy Holi my love..!

Holi Wishes in English for Family & Friends

May god gift you all the colours of life, colours of joy, colours of happiness, colours of friendship, colours of love and all other colours you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi

Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long. Happy Holi!

Happy Holi Quotes in Hindi 

ए खुदा आज तो कुछ रहम कर दे,
मेरे दोस्त लोग आज नही रह पाएँगे,
लगवा दो किसी लड़की के हाथो इन्हे रंग,
ये कमीने पूरे साल भर नही नहाएँगे!

Happy Holi Quotes For Friends in Hindi 

होली के रंग बिखरेंगे,  क्योंकि पिया के संग अब हम भी तो भीगेंगे, होली में इस बार और भी रंग होंगे, क्योंकि मेरे पिया मेरे संग होंगे.

Top 5 Safety Tips For Holi Festival (Especially for Kids)

Holi is a festival of colors and lots of fun. But do you know that this is also a festival when many people got sick due to not following the best practices while playing Holi? Here are some tips to stay healthy during the Holi celebration in 2019.

  • You must drink lots of water up front. As you will play throughout the day, there will be a chance to get dehydrated. And this is the beginning of summer in most of part in India. So, make sure you have enough water or fruit juice from home only.
  • During the Holi festival, people buy sweets and gift to their families. Every year many fake sweets vendor grew up and sell more such fake sweets as the demand is high. make sure to buy sweets from reputed sweets shop where you can be sure about purity.
  • Don’t just use any colors, they can be harmful. So, make sure to buy organic colors or homemade colors to celebrate Happy Holi this year 2019 with friends.
  • Enjoy food and sweets as much as you can, but make sure to wash your hands properly before touching. It is a very common bad practice during the Holi celebrations in India, which can lead to some stomach infection. So, be careful of kids especially.

Wishing You A Happy & Prosperous Holi 2019

Hope you will keep these safety hacks in mind and keep yourself fit during the Holi celebrations in 2019. Make sure to help others as well.

Don’t just spend your entire time on wishing friends or family on social media with Holi wishes, Holi quotes, Holi Whatsapp messages, Holi images, Holi pictures, Holi jokes etc. Go outside, and enjoy Holi with your friends with lots of color & love.