Top 5 health insurance plans with pregnancy or maternity coverage in India

Maternity or pregnancy is a phase for which one has to prepare in advance. If you are buying a health insurance plan then check whether your plan is going to cover pregnancy or maternity cost or not. The way medical expenses are raising, one should buy a good health insurance plan which covers all your basic medical needs. Generally most health insurance plans don’t provide pregnancy or baby care cover. As pregnancy or maternity is a planned hospitalization many insurer don’t allow covering that cost. So one have to very careful while buying health insurance plan.

Top 5 health insurance plans with pregnancy or maternity coverage in India
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Top 5 health insurance plan with maternity coverage

Do you know that hospitalization cost for delivery can be Rs 50,000 – 70,000 or more based on your hospital selection? Many reputed hospitals or nursing centers in metro cities charge even more. So one should plan accordingly to finance this hospitalization. In fact many people buy health insurance plan to bear the cost of delivery and after pregnancy baby care. Let’s check out those 5 health insurance plan with maternity coverage.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plan

Master Product – Total Health Plus plan provide maternity benefit up to 30,00 – 50,000 max. Covers maternity hospitalization, complications arising before and after delivery. For that you have to wait 3 years after buying that policy. Means a waiting period is there. So you have to plan accordingly if you are planning to buy a health insurance plan to cover your future pregnancy hospitalization cost.

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Star Wedding Gift Health Insurance Plan

Under this policy also one can plan future maternity hospitalization. Maximum 2 deliveries can be covered. Covered for Normal / Cesarean delivery up to the limits (includes pre-natal and post-natal expenses) Post delivery Complication cover for mother after delivery. Cost of test incurred for detecting any disorders in the fetus up to Rs. 1,000/- (after a waiting period of 27 months). Benefits for new-born is also available. But again a waiting period of 3 year is required here. Max health covers up to 10 lakh.

Apollo Munich insurance Easy Health Family Floater

Apollo Munich is one of the best health insurance plan provider in this area. You can check out their Easy Health Family Floater plan with Exclusive and Premium option to get maternity and new born care benefits.

  • Standard Plan – 5 lakh
  • Exclusive Plan – 50 lakh
  • Premium Plan – 50 lakh

Cigna TTK insurance ProHealth Plus Plan

You can get Maternity, New-Born Expenses & Vaccination Cover as well. The maximum health cover could be 10 lakh max. This is a good amount of coverage. But premium rate may be high to get the maximum health cover.

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Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater

You will get maternity coverage and new born baby care including first year vaccinations.

  • Max Bupa Heartbeat Silver – Sum insured Rs.2 lakh and Rs.3 lakh
  • Max Bupa Heartbeat Gold –  Rs.5 lakhs, Rs.7.5 lakhs, Rs.10 lakhs
  • Max Bupa Heartbeat Platinum – Rs.15 lakhs, Rs.20 lakhs, Rs.50 lakhs

If your company is providing pregnancy coverage, then you can stay relax. But for others if you are expecting a baby in few years than it is the time study this health insurance plans and buy one to cover your future pregnancy expenses. Some insurer may ask you to pay some extra amount to avail this facility. But I hope you will not mind to pay that price. Share your experience regarding topic or how you have handled your maternity expenses with the help of an insurance? What are the challenges and exclusions you have to face?

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  1. Hi, do u know of any insurance that i can buy after getting pregnant and avail the benefits in about 6 months.

    1. You can check with religare maternity plans. I am not sure about the detailed coverage, but they do provide coverage after 9 months and not 6 months

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