How to Check My LIC Policy Status Online?

If you are an existing LIC policy holder, then you might be thinking about how to check LIC policy status online. You can now check LIC policy status details online by creating a new account in LIC’s website.

Most of the time we depend on LIC agents for premium payments or other necessary information update or change related things. Now you can do all these things with LIC’s online account. Simply follow the steps below to register in LIC website and check your LIC policy status online. In-fact you can pay LIC premium online anytime with that account.

How to Check My LIC Policy Status Online

Step 1: Visit LIC Website Click on the New User button in the right hand side Yellow Panel.

Step 2: Here you can check your lic policy status by policy number online. Enter your Policy no., Instalment premium, Date of Birth, email ID and complete the registration.

Step 3: Now you need to go to next page to set up your password to finish the registration process.

Step 4: You can now move to LIC Home Page to see LIC policy status online. Click on the Online Services button in the right hand yellow panel.

Step 5: It will navigate you to a new page where you can click on the Registered User option. Now proceed with your recently created login credentials.

Step 6: Finally you can enter your LIC policy details which will take you to your LIC policy dashboard. You can access all your details from there.

You can also check LIC policy status online without registration.

Below you can find a pictorial representation of how to know LIC policy status online with all the necessary steps.

Hope this will be helpful. So how you are checking your LIC policy status: online, by visiting LIC office or by calling your LIC agent? Share your experience below.