How To Close HDFC Bank Account Online

This might be a very common scenario when you have decided to close your HDFC bank account or in fact any bank account. This situation may come many times when we join a new employer and we are forced to create a salary account as they have tied up with the same. E.g. although I had a citi bank salary cum savings account, I had to go for an HDFC bank salary account. But this situation appear again when the next employer doesn’t allow HDFC as a salary account. In such a case you have to close your account or you can keep your account as it is by maintaining some balance.

Steps To Close HDFC Bank Account Online

If you don’t want to close your HDFC salary account immediately, then you have to consider that as a savings account, as it will be converted to a savings account in next few months. And you have to keep the minimum account balance as per savings bank account rules of HDFC. But in case you want to close your salary account or savings account, then follow the step by step guide below.

  • First of all you have to visit your nearest HDFC branch and tell your situation about account closure.
  • You can also call their customer care number to get all the details.
  • Talk to their customer relationship officer that you want to close the account.
  • They will provide you an account closure form and then you have to provide the details. Be ready with all your related documents like unused cheque leaves, ATM card, debit card etc. You can continue to use your HDFC credit card to enjoy HDFC reward points.
  • Be clear about any account closure fee will be applied or not.
  • As per your bank’s current account balance, you may get the money in cash or DD format. Ask them to provide the complete interest amount details that might be earned on your accumulated account balance.
  • If you have multiple HDFC accounts and you want to close anyone of them, then you can transfer the money to your other HDFC bank account before closing. This account might be in another branch.
  • If you try to close bank account online, that may not be possible at that moment as banks will expect your physical presence to know your reason to close the account. Be ready to get some offers like personal loan, some discounts on home loan etc to change your decision.

So what is your reason to close your HDFC savings account or salary account? There are many banks offering higher interest rates on savings account. You can try those banks to get some handsome interest income from your savings account balance.

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  1. my sb account no. is 50100020475193 has no value after demonetisation hence please close it by immediate effect and send my balance by cheque at my mailing address and oblige.

  2. I have salary account in hdfc bank and i want to close my account.
    I have visited hdfc bank sec-18 noida branch but they told me you have to go hdfc base branch.
    According to me i can take service to any hdfc branch but i don’t know why these people deny.
    Please help me out.


  3. Hai my name is naresh. Last yr September I worked in reliance company they will give me hdfc salary account. Due to some reasons after one month I’ll resignd that job. Till now I don’t use that account. In that account – 4880.if any chances I’ll continue that A.c without any deductions .or else how can I close that account.

  4. Hi want to know that I am a Hdfc saving account. Customer having good balance in account and fixed deposit worth R’s 2,50,000with for a period of one year with them from last 4 months . I received a call from them on 23 April 2016 saying that as a prestige customer they are sending me credit card and they verified my address but I never received that credit card . So this month at last I applied for credit card which I don’t really required and they disapproved . What needs to be done as disapproved credit card has hurt my feelings very badly

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