How to find a Flat on rent without Brokerage (No Broker Fee apartments)

Looking for no broker fee apartments for rent? But how to find a flat on rent without brokerage and deposit? Then let me share you the tricks to locate brokerage free flats in your area. These days real-estate is booming like fire. Due to high volume of people in the metros and cities, the house rental or flat rental has become a very good earning opportunity for owners as well as property brokers.

Do you ever thought why the number of brokers are increasing day by day? These days a common perception is set up, without a broker you are not going to get your dream house or flat in your preferred area. Here one question comes in mind, whether the broker is going to provide the flat or house for rent from his own pocket?

Many of us realize the fact after being a victim of property brokers many times in life. People tend to collect brokers’ numbers from their friends or the popular real estate websites or the house rental websites and call them saying “I need a 1BHk/2BHK furnished flat in this area”. And then after 2-3 days he calls up and fixes an appointment with the person to find out flats.

On the specific day they visit couple of flats of that area. And, finally a flat gets fixed and the broker is paid with the brokerage. Later on they find many of the houses displaying “To Let” board which they could have approached themselves and saved the brokerage. In fact same amount of time needs to be spend with the broker to find the desired flat which they could find their own.

Tips to Find no Broker Fee Apartments for Rent

Anyway there are valid reasons why we choose a broker otherwise how come this business grew so large. But if we can manage little time and patience then we can save this money and even find out a better flat to live. Here I have listed few common techniques to find no broker fee apartments for rent. With these, you can look for a flat or house in a new city without a property broker.

1) Now a days almost every big organisations provided their own classified portal for their employees to share buy and sell information. You can easily post your requirement and also look for house rentals that are currently available. In this way, you can not only save the brokerage fee but also you will be assured that the person is from your company only. So many things can be trustable. Sometimes you may get the rent of the house lesser compared to market rate.

2) Another option is the classified page in newspapers. You can find many rental information which are posted directly by owner.  If you do not have time or availability to read newspaper at home, you can access e-paper from your office computer or smartphone or tablet and check anytime for relevant information.

3) Next option is you can visit the locality. If you don’t have time then ask your friend or family member to do that. But proper inspection is required to check other facilities in that area or nearby area.

4) You can also advertise on few popular property website or free classified websites with your specific requirement. Portals like Magicbricks, Quikr, OLX are very useful in that case. You will get phone calls from genuine owners immediately. In fact you can specify that only owner should call you to avoid unnecessary calls. You can also subscribe to these websites get email and SMS alerts.

5) Otherwise surf on Google, magicbricks, Quickr, Olx in your free time. You may find some house rental information posted by the owners only. Even there are few websites where only owner can post requirements their requirement. Like:,,, are some portals that will help you to find a house, without any broker.

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However, whatever be the way to find a flat for rent, the best one is always to visit on your own and do the self-inquiry. With this you can also have an idea of the locality and all the nearby facilities. Just spend 2-3 hours on any weekend for this task as you have to stay in that flat in the days to come. So, have you followed any of these to find a flat on rent without brokerage or deposit? Please feel free to share your experience below.

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