There are tonnes of ideas on how to make extra money on the internet, but I am telling you only the authentic ones in the blog post. If you search for “Make Money Online” then you will end up with many programs that are promising a lot. But in the end, the majority of them are just a scam.

These things I have personally tried or I know people who have earned some extra bucks from it. Now let me make you very clear these things only give pocket money, and you can’t rely on annual income. But in some of the ways, if you work hard or persistently, you can make a career out of it.

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1.Google Rewards

It is an app on which Google sends some surveys, and you have to fill it. It takes only a few minutes and gives some money up to 30 rupees — a very easy and an excellent way to earn extra bucks.

2.Paid Reviews

It is widespread these days, as people buy online, relying on reviews, so startups have to start paying to people to do reviews. They generally send products to people and in return ask for a review(or for the 5-star rating with useful summary).

3.Write Jokes

Yes, it’s not funny at all that you can write jokes for money. If you think you have witty humor, then you should try your hands on this. It’s a fantastic creative way to kill extra time with some extra cash.


Some people earn a lot through cash backs which are insane and use them in their next purchase. I save like 2k INR on my next flight because of cashback. It’s an excellent way to save and to shop from the websites you love.


In India, it is still not seen as a career, but for beginners, there’s a lot of scopes. You will get a lot of assignments if you love to write and ok to get paid less. Someone who loves this and does it in extra time, it is a great thing to earn good money. 

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Because of social media, photography career has evolved and especially for beginners who charge less as people are always looking out for someone to have some good photographs for their Instagram. Again with minimum skill and high interest, you can work in extra time and can earn a lot.


The most time consuming and the less paying option is blogging, because it’s a long term game and initially people don’t earn much, but still worth it if you can devote some time to it. Blogging is the best way to earn money besides your regular job or business. You can start a blog for free and gradually invest in blogging as soon as you start generating income from your blog.

8.Social Media Influencer 

 Again you have to build our online presence first, but because of this massive digitalism, micro-influencers are also earning these days. So start investing some time to develop your profile.

9.Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest and great ways to earn income. But you either have good traffic, or you know about paid ads so that you can do this. You have to promote other’s products and will earn a little commission back. Affiliate marketing has tremendous power to generate some good income in a short time. Check out this Black Friday Case Study to learn more.


I hope you will try these ideas on how to make extra money and will earn some in your spare time. There are plenty of ways one can generate some income online these days. You just need a good internet connection, a good smartphone, and of course some patience to utilize your free time.