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How To Rank #1 on Google: 10 Simple Tips To Follow

When I first launched my website, I wanted it to show up on the first page of the Google search. But even after a month of its launch, it was showing no signs of moving up on the search list. I was dejected, but I didn’t give up.

After some research and expert advice, I learned the how and why of ranking No. 1 on the Google search page. In this article, I present to you some of the simple tips using which you can push your web page to the top.

1. Don’t Compete with big players

Since you are a beginner and do not have much content to provide on your website, choose your opponents wisely. If you want your webpage to show up on the first page of Google search for most popular keywords, then that’s not going to happen very soon.

Major businesses have already taken that spot, and you cannot make it from them unless you’re very famous and have a lot of content to offer on your website (also a lot of money for marketing too! ).

So start with the not too popular products and compete against others having content on a similar topic. Look into their content and see what’s missing there. Focus on a specialization that you provide instead of describing your services to its entirety.

This will give you a good start in gaining popularity among other smaller websites, and the traffic to your business will increase. After you have gained more confidence, you can start competing with the much more popular sites.

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2. Find keywords that can rank easily

Keywords are the primary decision-makers in the Google page ranking. If you choose highly ranked keywords, then the chance of your website making it to the top is a bit difficult since the significant companies hosting their sites have already made their mark for such keywords.

If you use keywords that are not realistic enough, you may rank number 1, but they are not something that people are looking for. So think before you choose the keywords.

For a start, use keywords that are popular without much competition. When you start gaining popularity for the simpler keywords, take up the more ranked keywords that will help you learn more traffic.

3. Compete using longtail keywords

When people look for something specific, they type in their queries in a longer format by writing down the whole question in the search bar.

For example, ‘Ranking No. 1 in Google’ is a short keyword and ‘Tips to Rank No. 1 in Google’ is a long-tailed keyword. While short keywords are generic, long-tailed keywords are used to make more specific searches.

Though they don’t rank the top in keyword ranking, they can get you on top of the search page. So if you have a long-tailed keyword, then your chances of being their search result are higher.

4. Be smart in positioning your keywords

After you’ve decided on a keyword, make optimal use of it in your content. While using keywords is essential, do not overuse them. Some of the places where you can make use of the keywords are:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Page content
  • Alt image tag

5. Create a vast collection of content

People are hungry for material that is available on the internet. They are looking for more information on Google. So, if your website has more content, more people will follow your site. More content also means more keywords, and the more you use keywords, the higher your ranking will be.

6. Use blogging and guest posting for gaining more popularity

Making a website accessible is not an easy task. To learn more popularity, you need to create publicity. Write small pieces of content in the comment section of websites where discussion portals are available and give a link to related content on your website.

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7. Gain more links to your site

Relationships matter the most when it comes to ranking in search engines. Inbound links are the key to gain higher rankings. To acquire more links, you can do guest posting, get reviewed in favored sites, write content that other writers and websites would want to link to and check for broken links in different websites and convince them to replace those links with links to your site.

8. Pay to reach the top

You must have observed that whenever you Google anything, ads take up the top spot in most of the searches. Getting your website to the top place is easier if you have content that readers want and you are ready to pay for it to appear at the top.

9. Get featured in popular sites

Getting featured in reviews and blog posts of other renowned websites increases your traffic influx and also your ranking. When you have good content to provide and the links from trusted sites, getting better ranking is no difficulty.

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10. Add new content

As mentioned above, content is the key to all. Adding content that is of good quality is one way to increase your ranking. But to maintain that ranking, you need to add fresh content. Content that is old and known and written by all will not get you the position you want.

Posting something new that others can’t provide will make you accessible among the sites. So look for the emerging technologies in your field, research it and write useful content about it.

Ranking number 1 on Google is not so easy, but these tips will surely help you in getting there. Patience, hard work and more importantly, SMART WORK is the key to success!

About the Author: Santanu

Santanu is a passionate Blogger, YouTuber, content writer & WordPress enthusiast. He teaches people about how to blog & be a better blogger through his other blog On this website, he shares everything happening around which is important in your life.

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