How To Recharge Your Mobile in 3 Easy Ways

recharge your mobile

Your mobile phone connection can be recharged in a few ways: we list the 3 easiest ones. Your mobile phone is your trusted companion through thick and thin. It is safe to say that almost your entire life is on your phone: from your account information to your bookmarked sites, from your daily use apps to all your contacts.

Naturally, you are rattled when you forget to do the mobile recharge on your prepaid connection, leading to the number being suspended temporarily. You sometimes forget to do it or don’t find the time to go to the mobile store to do the recharge.

But have you considered a much simpler alternative: doing the recharge by yourself, online? There are many ways to do online recharge using your laptop or mobile phone. It gives you complete control over your account, and you can do the recharge whenever you want.

Say ‘No’ to connection problems and suspensions – here’s how you can do the mobile recharge in 3 easy ways:

1. Use the service provider’s e-wallet.

Your mobile service provider will have an e-wallet or Payments Bank that you can use. It is linked to your bank account or debit/credit card. Every time you wish to do the mobile recharge, you can simply access the Payments Bank and follow the steps outlined there for recharge. Add your mobile number, operator name, circle/city of residence, and input the recharge amount.

At this stage, you may even browse for new packs or plans if you want to change the existing one. Your payment for the recharge is processed accordingly, in real time. You can even get a discount or cashback for mobile recharge using the Payments Bank.

2. Via the service provider’s website or smartphone apps.

Your mobile service provider will have a website and smartphone app interface for the mobile recharge. Access whichever channel is more convenient, to complete the recharge within minutes. These also follow a step-wise format like the Payments Bank or e-wallet/recharge app.

If you save your information on the app or website, you need not to enter your details (mobile number, operator name) every time you wish to do the recharge. Simply input the recharge amount and breeze through the phone recharge process in a couple of minutes.

3. Via UPI apps.

Ever since the UPI interface was unveiled in 2016 and banks and various service providers offered a linkage to it, mobile phone users have been able to pay their bills and do DTH and mobile recharges at the press of just a few buttons.

The biggest benefit of using the UPI app for online transactions is security. You are not asked for your bank account details, nor do you need to surrender your card number for recharge or bill payment.

Simply install the UPI app (BHIM, PhonePe, Google Pay, or similar) and set it up in a few steps by linking to your bank account. You will need to create an M-PIN – this 4-digit number is your unique ID to authenticate all transactions. You also stand to win cashback with the recharge, that you can redeem for a bigger recharge or bill payment in the future.

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