How to Redeem HDFC Reward Points Online

Do you have a HDFC credit card? then you might be shopping with your credit card to get many reward points online. HDFC credit cards are offering various offers online and offline shopping to earn reward points. E.g. shop for Rs 100 and get 2 reward point. But do you know how to redeem these reward points and what exactly you can buy with these reward points? In this article I will share the process of redeeming HDFC reward points online.

Steps to Redeem HDFC Reward Points Online

First of all you can Redeem HDFC Reward Points in couple of ways. They are explained one by one below.

Call Customer Care number: You can call to HDFC customer care number and ask them to help you to redeem your accumulated reward points online.

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Through Post: You have to download the Rewards Redemption Form and fill up that with your personal details and also what you want and then mail to your branch address.

Online Redemption Process: This is the best way, as you don’t have to ask anyone and you can do it any time you want to.

  • Simply login to your HDFC netbanking account online and click on credit card tab.
  • If you have already registered your credit card with your HDFC customer id then it’s fine, otherwise you have to add your credit card online.
  • After that click on Redeem Reward Points link and navigate to the another website where you will find many products listed. This is the HDFC online redemption website.
  • Now you have to search the product as per your points accumulated and then you will find a list of products that you can buy. So far I bought couple of them like a mixer & grinder, an educational kids laptop, a mobile phone cover etc.
  • Next you have to place the order by providing your shipping details. Note down the details for future tracking. Your order will be delivered to you as per promised time frame by the vendor.

It took around 10 days for me when I redeemed my HDFC credit card reward points online. So what are the products or items you have claimed with your HDFC credit card reward points? Share your experience here. For more details related to HDFC reward point you can visit their official website page. Don’t forget to read the complete terms & conditions before taking any action.

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