How To Start a Creche / Day Care / Preschool at Home

Are you looking for a home based business ideas and want to know how to start a crèche at home? If you are thinking ‘what do I need to open my own daycare at home’, then please read on to find the tips to set up a small business like a crèche.

In today’s urban life a Kindergarten or preschool is a very popular and most importantly a most required institute for every family who have a kid of around 2-5 years of age. Even a kid of 1.5 years of age needs a playschool to grow further properly. Let’s find out what are the topics or questions we are going to cover here.

  • How do you start a daycare in your home?
  • What do you need to run a daycare?
  • How do you start a preschool?
  • How much do you make owning a daycare?
  • Do you have to have a degree to open a daycare center?
  • Best franchise for daycare centre in india

In a common city life where most of the parents are working together, a day care or crèche is the only place where they can keep their kids safely. So you can understand the business opportunity which makes it a great home based business for housewife.

But it is not just occupying a house and taking care of kids. Dealing with children is not an easy task. There are so many challenges and requirements to open a daycare. Let’s see the checklist for starting a crèche and steps to opening an in home daycare / preschool/ kindergarten at your own locality.

How to Start a Crèche at Home – Checklist & Steps to Follow

Step #1: The very first requirement is, having experience in such area. Maybe you could have an experience in some playschool for couple of years, or you can get enrolled to any montessori training course online or offline and get certified. This will help you to understand the business as well as convince people with your skills.

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Step #2: In case you do not have such experience, but have the zeal to start your own kindergarten, then you can hire some expert Montessori trainers who can help you to build the school. You can act as a head of the centre controlling every aspect.

Step #3: Try to understand the terms and the difference between kindergarten, crèche, preschool and playschool. They all are not same. Generally they are classified based on the requirement. For example, a crèche is a day-care unit where kids spend the whole day as his or her parents might be working.

A play-school/ kindergarten is a school where kids learn things while playing. Generally children between age group 1.5 – 5 years are allowed. Next is a combination of a crèche and a preschool, where children can also continue their education along with the day care facility.

Step #4: Starting a daycare business in India is a good small business Ideas with low Investment. So as a starter and within a limited budget and less resources, you can always start with a daycare center or a small play school.

In case you want to start a crèche daycare or a complete child care preschool, you have to do a substantial analysis with some business plan, business potential, student’s growth plan, and discussion with local Govt authority and to get permission to start a school etc.

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Step #5: Anyway after overcoming all these steps, next you have to find out a location for that. May be a 700 sqft flat will be enough for you to start your daycare center. Decide a good name that suits the kids and better register that first. Open a current account, so that you can accept payment in the name of school. It’s better to register your business as a sole proprietorship.

Step #6: Set up your school with all equipment. You can take help from some third party to setup the interior. Take 2 -3 caretakers to take care of the children and also appoint at least 1 qualified Montessori trained teacher. Finally start marketing and promoting your business in your locality first and act as per the response.

Finally remember one thing – this business needs a lot of concentration and love towards children. You may not earn anything significant in first few months, but in the long run you will be benefited. First provide a good homely care and atmosphere to the children, earn a good reputation in the society, and then you can grow your business easily.

Best franchise to start a daycare business in india

Yes, you can also go for a franchise model with the reputed brands in India. But in that case you have to spend quite a high amount of money upfront, as they will set up everything and you just have to keep an eye on your business and grow gradually as per the terms of the franchise.

There are many such franchise options available to start a daycare business. E.g. in Hyderabad few of the reputed names are esperanza, kidzee franchise, Kangaroo Kids Daycare etc. You can also find out the top day care franchise in your city and start enquiring about how to set up your daycare center at home.

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Hope you will find this article on starting a home daycare checklist useful. So don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook. Please feel free to share your thoughts on starting a crèche at home.

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  1. hi, im very intersted in teaching, but i have very less experience in teaching, i want to run playschool, i am graduate in humanities, and post graduade in compputer application(PGDCA) can i start paly school

    1. Teaching may not be a big issue in starting a play school. There are other things which needs to be taken care first of all.

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