So are you looking for some hacks that can dramatically improve your sales funnel or your business conversion rate? If yes, then you landed at the perfect page, in this detailed masterpiece, I will share some of my tips & tricks that can double your conversion rate.

One thing, the strategy I share in this post is very simple and anybody can use it very easily but I can’t give you guarantee you will get success immediately after implementing but definitely you will get a quite good result in the long run.

Okay, let’s get started…

But before we dig dipper on Sales funnel strategy, let me tell you what exactly sales funnel is and how it works.


In layman language sales funnel just a stage of your prospect in the buying journey, it’s a really simple concept, and it consists of 6 stages those are,

  • Awareness.
  • Consideration.
  • Preference.
  • Purchase.
  • Loyalty.
  • Advocacy.
increase sales funnel conversion

Above are the steps of a typical sales funnel, but to optimize the sales funnel, you should follow some advanced strategy and tips.

5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rates

Improving sales funnel is an essential part of any sales process. Here is a look at how you can help improve your sales funnel:

1. Create & Distribute Content.

Provide content for the sales lead. Every sales letter, prospect, or email that comes into your business should have something to get the attention of the recipient. Before you send out the first letter of the day, make sure you’ve spent a few minutes thinking about what can be added to this initial letter. Not all content should be found in the letter itself, but it’s a good place to start.

Keep the lead information consistent and focused. This doesn’t mean they all need to get the same letter, but if you have regular content and offer to send out more letters based on the same offer, they’ll take that. If you get tired of them, and they decide to move on, you will have a track record that will tell you they have heard about your business opportunity in many different ways.

Review the content for any new opportunities to see if it’s going to help the sales flow. If the content is negative or too long, it might not be right for your business. Ask yourself if you can change the content to be more interesting or relevant to the prospects that respond to your letters.

2. Content Marketing.

Yes, it’s the best marketing strategy in the 20’s century. Without any content, you can’t make increase awareness about your product and services.

You need to create the Content in the form of Articles and Videos & started answering your prospects every question that appears in their mind.

After that, you can market those content by optimizing for SEO or you can send emails to your prospects, or you can use paid ads like Facebook and Instagram Ads for promoting your content to the right audience.

3. Lead capturing & Emailing.

In your communications, you want to make sure you’re not only expressing interest in what the potential clients are saying, but you’re also conveying a sense of urgency that might encourage them to act. Use what you see on the screen to help you create a compelling image that will be hard for the reader to ignore. Once you get an idea about the message you want to convey, the rest is easier.

Lead generation is an important part of any sales process. If you have the ability to take the lead from email campaigns, you can further build your relationship with your existing and potential leads.

Copywriters and copy editors can make a lasting impression on any letter. The tone and emotion of your letter can either be positive or negative, so make sure you feel comfortable in using the copy. Also, make sure that you make a shortlist of questions and answers before you write it down.

If you’re looking to improve the sales lead, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that every email or letter you send is well written and delivered. Follow these steps, and you can build a relationship with each lead.

4. Share social Proofs.

Yes, you can share social proofs and your existing customer review with your new prospect. Tell them how other people are benefited by using your product and service and how they will also be benefited.

After that, you can also share some videos and articles related to your product working process and features. Well, now let’s come to the final and most important strategy to optimize sales funnel.

5. Re-marketing or Re-targeting.

It is one of the most effective ways to boost your funnel traffic and conversion. But how? Let’s Understand it…

Remarketing or retargeting means show display ads to your existing customers or your landing page visitors who don’t take action yet.

Bu the help of a retargeting ad you can reach to the customer who already knows about you and your brand & believe me it will increase your conversion rate drastically with a very small Ad budget.

FAQs Related To Sales Funnel Conversion

What is Sales funnel?

The sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or customer journey) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. In the layman language, it’s a proven step by step process to nurture your prospect or leads to getting more sales to your business.

What are the Essential Components of Sales Funnel?

Normally a sales funnel consists of 6 components and those components help you in nurturing your leads effectively, those components are Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Purchase, Loyalty, Advocacy.

Why do we need a sales funnel?

If you are running an online business or an offline store, it doesn’t matter you just need a sales funnel. With the help of a sales funnel, you can nurture your leads perfectly and that helps you to grow your business revenue. Also with the help of a sales funnel you can educate your new customers about your business and you can provide what they need.

What are the Best Method to Get traffic to the sales funnel?

Traffic is the most important in any kind of business, so for getting targeted traffic to the sales funnel you can take the help of SEO, Paid Ads or Solo Ads. From the above 3 methods, SEO is free & can give you a better result in the long run but it takes more time, energy and is also a little bit complex to do SEO as a beginner. 

My Final Verdict.

So above are the best ways to creating and optimizing your sales funnel for getting a better conversion. No matter what type of business you are running, the above strategy is applicable for everyone, mainly if you are an affiliate marketer or an online seller then it will be very beneficial.

In terms of me, Invest as much as on Content creation and content marketing to nurture your prospects because the content will build trust, and trust will drive more sales and revenue to your business. So follow the above four simple content marketing & Advertising hacks to improve your sales funnel conversion rate.

But the thing is, there is no such blueprint to get all the things done, so you need to learn new strategies & experiment again & again to know what is working for you. Thank you:)