5 International SEO Tips For Your Online Business

Being in the online industry, we all know how important SEO is in our day to day lives. The industry has changed tremendously from how it was before and as they say, the only constant in life changes.

Today’s business is all about internationalization. So is true for the online business and hence SEO. In this article, I will discuss the importance of global SEO and some helpful international SEO tips to grow your business.

Why You Need International SEO for your Local Site?

Increased Reach

One important feature of international SEO is broadening the demographics. A product or service with a global reach translates to more revenues.

International search engine optimization makes it easier for you to increase your reach rapidly and also at a minimal cost.

An individual or organization is able to introduce their products or services instantaneously to millions of people.

Increased Revenue

Another important feature is that you will be able to optimize pricing differentials among countries. Prices of similar commodities more often than not differ from one country to another as well.

It is a common secret that the prices in developing countries are normally lower than the prices in the developed countries.

Prices for marketing in such countries is, of course, higher due to demand and also the level of competitiveness in those countries. The same cannot be said for the developing countries and as such prices are lower.

Increased Opportunities

A different or new target audience is always a welcomed move. And international SEO can help with that tremendously.

One may want to target another country which might open it up to a totally different and new demographic. This new demographic could bring with it new and even more opportunities as compared to simply using the current target market to grow your business.

A new target audience can lead to new products and also services as you try to appeal to the changing states and preferences of the new audience.

Another advantage of a new target audience is that, it brings with it innovation. This would have otherwise not been thought of with the current and even the existing audience.

So make your site global and find a new target audience to increase your business opportunity and hence sales.

How to Do International SEO?

There are various ways in which you can make your SEO an international one. Let’s see them in detail.

Research Your Target Countries

Ensure to research your target countries, before you start planning. Take a look at your Google Analytics and see which countries you are getting the most traffic from and accordingly research your keyword and plan the content.

The countries you are targeting play a pivotal role in your international SEO strategy. This boils down to how well you do your research in relation to make your strategy successful. You can use any professional tool like SEO Powersuite to speed up your analysis.

Language Targeting

Your new target market might not necessarily have English as their first language. It is important to know which language the new population speaks and make the same available as well.

So, you can have options other than English readily available for everyone. Famous online entrepreneur Neil Patel has increased his traffic by 47% by simply translating his blog into multiple languages.

Updating the URL Structures

Here, you will need to change or upgrade the URL components of your website. For example, a United States version cannot be the only option for the website.

Considering that you want to appeal to people from other parts of the world, there should be various options that can considerably cater to everyone.

One way of doing so is by having different domain extensions such as .us or .uk which can give users a rough idea of which versions exist and which ones they can use based on their preferences.

Another option is through the use of sub domains or offer other versions as sub directories that can be sent at the end of the URL.

Appreciate Your New Target Audience

A huge component of search engine optimization is not necessarily what you have written but how you have written it.

The new target audience needs a unique message and not the same old things of your existing site. Research well to ensure that your content meets the expectations of your audience.

The better you know the people who are reading your content, the more likely you’ll give them what they want and as a result be successful as well.

Publish Content on Regular and Consistent Basis

Having a consistent publishing schedule is of utmost importance. The schedule may not be the same for everyone.

But whether you publish 3 posts a day or weekly once, you should not compromise on the timings. Not only it helps to build your authority, but consistency is also indeed a crucial factor of search engine optimization as well.

If you find it tough to perform these activities on your own, then you can hire an SEO agency like Omega SEO who can help you optimize your international SEO strategy.

International SEO Tips: Conclusion

All in all, international SEO is a mixed bag of goodies but at the same time, it is not for the work-shy ones. A lot of work goes into creating an international SEO campaign. It is, however, worth the effort!

Are you targeting a new market? What are your thoughts on international SEO? Please feel free to share your views in the comments below.