LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy Review ~ a health insurance plan from LIC of India

LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy is the only health insurance plan from country’s best insurance company LIC India. Many people said Jeevan Arogya is the best health insurance plan launched by life insurance corporation of India (LIC). Let’s check out Jeevan Arogya Policy review and find out is this a good or a bad policy for your family health protection point of view. Whether it is better than other available health insurance plans in India.


LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy Review

People gradually started realizing the importance of health insurance plans in their life. As the medical costs are raising everyday it is not possible for someone to arrange cash for treatment on emergency. So to secure your family’s health you have to buy a health insurance plan. Is LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy able to provide the basic expected features of a health insurance? Are they able to cover a high cost surgery or treatment? Let’s check out few basic features of LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan.

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Key features of LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy

  • You can cover health for your entire family. Means your spouse, kids, parents and in-laws as well. This is a basic expectation from today’s health insurance as everyone want to cover their parents and mainly in-laws under one health cover.
  • This is a defined benefit plan, means you will get the entire sum assured irrespective of your actual bill of treatment.
  • One can choose Hospital Cash benefit from Rs 1000 per day, Rs 2000 per day, Rs 3000 per day and Rs 4000/- per day. And the total max cash benefit will be 100 times of daily limit. Means in this policy the maximum sum assured amount can be 4 lakh.
  • You have already a health insurance plan with some other company, then no problem. You can have LIC Jeevan Arogya plan and also be able to get the all benefits for a hospitalization/surgery.
  • In case your patient need to admit in ICU due to some major illness, then you will be eligible for a double sum assured benefit. One can download lic jeevan arogya claim form from this link.
  • In case of Major Surgery Benefit (MSB) you can claim and get 50% sum assured as cash and proceed with treatment which will later adjusted.
  • LIC jeevan arogya list of hospitals contains many reputed hospitals and avail pre-defined/fixed benefits for hospitalization and surgical procedures. Even you can avail Day care benefits as well. Generally health insurance policies need at least 24 hours to eligible for a claim.
  • You can also be benefited with the 2 additional riders provided with this policy, Term Rider and Accidental Benefit rider.
  • In case you don’t use your policy in this year, then your health cover will increase as a No Claim Benefit.
  • One can enjoy income tax benefit under section 80D for the premium paid.

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Look like this policy is offering many attractive features to cover your family’s health. Find out more details from LIC Jeevan Arogya brochure. But are they sufficient to cover your entire family? Let’s find out few drawback of this policy.

LIC jeevan Arogya Policy disadvantages

  • The maximum sum assured under this policy is only 4 lakh (surgical benefit) and day care benefit would be 20,000 ( 5 times of daily limit). Do you think this amount is enough for a major surgery?
  • Majority of the health insurance policies are popular for their cashless facility. But in this policy you will not get cashless benefit. You can get 50% cash advance in case of major surgeries, but no complete cashless facility.
  • This policy has certain limitations on number days your patient can be admitted in hospital or in ICU. Under this policy your patient can be hospitalized for maximum of 720 days and in ICU 360 days. These days are number of days including all your dependents hospitalization. You can count total dependent and then divide this number to check the average days a family member can get.
  • If you are suffering from some diseases then you are too late. Because LIC Jeevan Arogya policy will not consider any Pre-Existing Ailments.
  • Although you are able to include your parents and in-laws in this policy, but if you want to include only 1 member (only your father, not mother) you will not be able to do that. In Jeevan Arogya you have to add your parents or in-laws as couple only. Means forcefully need to pay the more premium.
  • Only 1 major surgery per year and maximum 8 in the policy life time under this policy. Means in a year if 2 of your family member need to go for surgery, in such case you can only claim for one.
  • The term assurance rider cannot be more than 25 lakh and accidental Rider should not exceed Rs 50 lakh.
  • No pre or post hospitalization expenses are covered. This is one of the major drawbacks of this plan as many health insurance provide 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization medical expenses reimbursement option.
  • You can’t use this policy in case of Pregnancy or child-birth related conditions. This is one of the biggest reason for which people actually plan and buy their first health insurance.
  • Day care benefits can be availed 3 times in a year and maximum of 24 times in the policy lifetime. And Day care surgery expenses will not be paid if you also want to avail hospital cash benefit.
  • LIC jeevan arogya policy has certain waiting period. Like for Accidental claims – 0 days and for HCB and MSB – 90 days from policy start date.

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Should I buy LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy?

From a best health insurance plan I will expect a significant sum assured value (4 lakh is nothing for entire family) and cashless facility mandatorily. Not only that I think covering pregnancy with post-delivery expenses and considering pre-existing ailments are 2 more factors that many people expect from a good health insurance plan. LIC Jeevan Arogya policy includes so many features but excludes these basic features. This policy is too complicated like many other LIC policies. If you are planning to buy your first health insurance plan, then you should avoid LIC Jeevan Arogya policy. Go for a higher cover health insurance plan and may be buy Jeevan Arogya as a top up health insurance plan.

Do you agree with this review? Do you think LIC Jeevan Arogya policy is much complicated? Why Jeevan Arogya plan lacks the basic health insurance features? Did you buy this plan? How much premium you are paying every year? Share all your feedback and experiences about this plan by writing a simple comment.

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  1. Hi, Santanu
    I have been looking forward to buy the LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy. But after reading your post I am having second thoughts. It looks quite attractive from the outside but there are lots of basic features missing in this policy. Thank you for pointing those out.

    Can you suggest one Health Insurance policy that would cover me and my family of 3 people? It would be quite helpful if you can suggest one.
    Thanks again for the post.

  2. i need health insurance policy for my mother and me, she is 55 and me 27…. please suggest me policy for both for valuable amount

  3. I have buyed Health insurnac from lic (lic Jevan Arogya) want to knwo either Eye Operation for Cataract is cover under this policy or not.

  4. dear sir as you pointed out the maximumcoverage is only 4.00 lakh that too for only one member in afamily for one year.also pre existing disases are not covered. also the number of days reduced to 50 50% if members are two and so on. if two members have to go in a same year only one member wiil claim. like above you pointed many drawbacks in this policy. thankyou now i am at 59 and my wife at 45. both are sugar patients. will you pl suggest a better policy for us as there is no best policy provided by any ins company

  5. I & my wife are policy holder of Jivan Aryog since 3 to 4 years. I want the list of Hospitals in Pune where I can take benefits such as daily Hospitalization if required. Surgical benefit if required. Any other benefit that are avalable in Jivan Arogya plan 903.

  6. Sir,
    I am working in a PSU. Female. My age is 33 years. I am having a daughter aged 7 months and parents aged 70 years.
    a) I want to buy a health insurance policy covering self, (spouse already insured ) my parents and daughter. I reviewed LIC jeevan arogya but some of its features are not attractive. My father is diabetic and mother is having BP. Please suggest which is the best health insurance policy to opt for.
    b) Also suggest one best children policy for my daughter.

    1. I think you should look for a good family floater policy instead of looking for individual plans. It will save huge money and also management will also be very easy.

  7. everyone, pls think atleast 1000 times before buying this LIC jeevan arogya policy and take every point in writing before buying.

    In my case they only given 2000 rs for bed charges and nothing else, that also after 5 months … after continuous follow up they said that this policy only gives bed charges and its not a medicliam or health policy … my suggestion think more than 1000 times and get all clarifications in writing before buying and if you are only satisfied with bed charges, thats it

  8. i need health insurance policy for my mother and me, she is 59 and me 27…. please suggest me policy for both for valuable amount

  9. Hello Mr.Sanjay, Accident Matter incluse in this jivan aarogya, Suppose 1 persone major injury in accident, and some how do operation his hand or legs or other then jeevan arogya policy hepfull or not?

    and operation exp, Ambulance exp, and Medicine exp will pay or not?

  10. Hi Santanu,

    Really helpful. Can you suggest a well health insurance policy for me ?

    My needs are;

    1. should cover spouse, children, parents of both husband and wives atleast.
    2. Cashless
    3. Pregnancy and child birth are covered
    4. Atleast post hospital cover should be there.
    5. Should be valid atleast from a 200 bed hospital upto multi speciality.
    6. Max protection should be 8-10 Lakhs

    Can you please suggest. Also i fear there will be hidden charges

    1. I think you can look for Mediassist from New India Assurance. Their corporate health insurance policies are really good with many benefits. I hope their personal health insurance plans will also be good enough.

  11. Nice compilation and simplification of the Policy terms. I read the terms first on LIC and then here. Almost all features are explained nicely and a correct opinion is also provided.

    1. Thanks Sanjay. Lic policies are most searched by people and Jeevan Arogya is the only health insurance plan from LIC. Although there was another plan called wealth plus. As per new LIC is planning to launch few more policies in coming days and out of them we can expect a new heath insurance plan as well. Keep visiting for more updates. 🙂

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      You can make a miss call and you can WhatsApp with your requirements. I suggest you according your need and requirements.
      Give me a chance for your best health insurance
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