In this review article, we are going to discuss about Link-able, a unique content marketing platform that enables Content Marketers with quality content to acquire relevant and diverse backlinks.

This article will help you to understand all the primary functions of Link-able. Moreover, we have also discussed the key advantages of Link-able along with some cons.

Background of Link-able

Link-able was introduced in the year 2018 by Jay Douglas. This platform is created by Jay in order to connect amazing authors with equally amazing content marketers and eventually create the highest quality backlinks possible.

This powerful tool allows a user to focus on their content while letting others do the link building on their behalf. As mentioned earlier, Link-able basically provides an effective and efficient way to connect Content Marketers with Content Authors, creating a mutually beneficial community for both users.

How is Link-able helpful for Content Marketers?

Link-able creates a significant impact on the Content Marketers as they help them to acquire high-quality backlinks along with key mentions from various authors and websites. The backlinks that Content Marketers receive through Link-able helps them further to get an active backlink profile.

Apart from providing high-quality backlinks, Link-able also helps Content Marketers to post specific link building jobs on such platforms which has specific details about the link that a user may want. All in all, we can say that this is a robust platform that can help Content Marketers in several ways.

How does Link-able help Content Authors?

Just like Content Marketers, Content Authors also benefits a lot from Link-able. Link-able helps to find potential link building jobs along with fantastic content to link their writing as well. Generally, Content Authors are good at guest posting and outreaching, and hence, this platform is a great way to find work.

Moreover, Link-able has also made it very easy for Content Authors to submit applications to Content Marketers, and eventually, they can get well paid if their applications are accepted. Therefore it is evident that Link-able is equally essential for both Content Marketers and Content Authors.

Link-able Review: How Effective is the Platform?

Key Advantages of Link-able 

It is pretty straightforward for the Content Markets to use this tool, and moreover, Link-able also helps them to save time in searching for relevant backlinks.

  • Link-able reduces the workload of the Content Marketers as they don’t need to outreach or do guest posting by themselves.
  • It works perfectly for Content Marketers and also helps to provide high-quality websites and content.
  • It helps both Content Authors and Content Marketers to produce high-quality content.
  • It genuinely helps talented Content Authors to earn more from their writings.
  • It helps Content Marketers to obtain white hat links from experienced and talented authors.
  • Link-able helps content authors to write better articles by enforcing strict quality guidelines.

Some Disadvantages of Link-able

  • In Link-able authors charges premium prices.
  • It works slowly so a user must not expect to obtain backlinks within a short span of time.

Some FAQs Related to Link-able

In this section, we will highlight some of the common FAQs that will come across a user’s mind while working with Link-able. Therefore go through this section thoroughly in order to gather more information about this amazing platform.

What kind of backlink does Link-able offer?

Most of the time, the backlinks depends on Content Authors, but generally, they offer editorial links or guest post links published on authoritative and relevant websites.

What is the actual cost of Link-able?

Generally, Link-able is free, and a user can also post as many projects as they want. However, the Content Author who applies to any of the user’s projects will charge a fee to do the specified work which needs to be done in that particular project.

The amount of the fee depends on a couple of factors such as on the Content Author and the type of work specified in that particular project.

Can the user choose a backlink of their choice?

Yes, Content Authors will reach out to the user and let them know what type of articles they are writing and even on what domain the link would be based on. Therefore, a user can simply browse through all the proposals which they will receive from them and eventually can select the most appropriate one.

How many backlinks can a user build?

As mentioned earlier, a user can build numerous backlinks, but they should make relevant links, which means that the links that they build should make sense.

How long does a user will have to wait to get paid?

Link-able offers a 30-day payment policy, which means that to get the full payment, users will have to wait for a month after building the backlink.


As promised at the beginning of this review article, we have given an in-depth analysis of Link-able. Moreover, we have also included a FAQ section so that the user can get more information and eventually be able to use this platform properly in the future.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that Link-able is a convenient tool, which is beneficial for both Content Marketers and Content Authors.