9 Money Saving Tips for Couple Expecting Their First Child

Are you expecting your first child? Congratulations! 🙂 But at the same time you might be worried thinking about the financial liability and how to manage them. Don’t worry as in this article I will share 9 very much useful money saving tips for couple expecting their first child. Being a father of 4 yrs old, I can say that there were many such things which we could have avoided and save more. In this article I will talk about how to save or invest money by reducing daily expenses. In fact I will share few money saving tips by changing our behavior and lifestyle.

Money Saving Tips for Couple Expecting Their First Child

Awesome money saving tips for couple expecting their first child

  1. Don’t buy clothes and toys in advance

Most couples are used to buy many new dresses and toys in advance. The emotion behind this is understandable but practically this doesn’t make sense. Let your baby come first and feel the beauty of this world. Let your baby know who the parents are. Then only your baby will be able to play with toys. Buying various clothes also is a bad idea as kids grow very fast in the initial years. In that case you can hardly use a dress more than 3-4 months. So don’t spend much for clothes and toys in advance and this is one of the best money saving tips for married couples among all.

  1. Know more about Baby care, avoid processed food

As a parent you should utilize the time till delivery. One should read baby care related books, learn their food habits. In fact you can ask your relatives and parents regarding what food to provide. Providing processed food or cereals is not healthy compared to homemade food. This way you can save money as well as maintain a healthy habit.

  1. Stop eating outside and learn preparing food at home

During pregnancy the woman has to go through various mental situations. Driving with those facts, having food outside has become a common practice. Mainly for working couple this is truer. One should stop visiting restaurants and have healthy food at home. This will keep you healthy as well as reduce monthly expense. This is the best money saving tips for young couples who mostly prefer to eat outside.

  1. Avoid Gym workouts and start Yoga at home

Are you going to gym regularly? But sorry from now onwards you can’t do any weight exercises. So it is better to realize the fact and start light exercises as prescribed by your doctor. Straightway your gym expenses will be reduced without compromising your habit.

  1. Skip buying branded pregnancy dresses

Are you worried about which brand should you wear during last days of pregnancy? Most people give brand too much priority and spend money for costly products. You need comfortable and loose dress in last few month of pregnancy and after delivery those will never be used. So no point in spending much on branded clothes.

  1. Buy a health insurance plan which cover maternity

This should be done even before conceiving. But I will still mention about that here. You should buy a health insurance plan which covers pregnancy expenses as well including delivery & baby care. These days’ medical expenses have risen like anything. In any good hospital a delivery related admission will cost you at least 1-2 lakh. So it is better to be prepared as early as possible. If you are a newly married than keep this money saving tips on top of your priority list.

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  1. Store stem cells of your kid

Do you know about stem cells banking in India? Better you research more about stem cells over internet and then plan for that. Due to less awareness many parents might avoid this in past. But now, one can really afford to store his/her kid’s stem cells. So save more money by improving your lifestyle for that.

  1. Start buying grocery and other daily life products online. Save time and travelling cost

As walking or travelling have become a bit difficult, it is better to switch to online shopping. These days many online groceries’ brand started operating in most of the metros & mini metros in India. They are very user friendly and cost effective as well. Simply order at your convenience and enjoy many offers, discounts.

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  1. Control on your emotions and think like a parent

Excitements, change of emotions are the main driving forces during that phase which will compel you to spend much. As a couple you have to prepare well and support each other to face every challenge. Couples who are mentally strong and know how to handle every situation, they might have already prepared for that accordingly.

Money saving tips for couple expecting their 2nd child

I think the best tip will be reusing the old toys or cloths of your first kid. There is no point of buying them new. Hope you have started saving for your first kid. If not, do not repeat the mistake again. You should start an investment dedicatedly as soon as your kid comes to this world. The late you plan, lesser amount you will be able to accumulate. There are plenty of savings schemes, investment products to start. Plan for your child’s education expenses, marriage expense as early as possible.

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These money saving tips will surely help you directly or indirectly to save more money. I believe they will help you to change your habit and actions and prepare you as a parent for future. Let us know you agree with? Do you have any more money saving tips for a couple expecting their first child? Or do you have any experience to share here?

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