How To Open HDFC Salary Account Online

Are you planning to open a salary account in HDFC bank? Actually generally if you are joining a new organisation or company and the company is tied up with HDFC bank then you don’t have to do anything to open a HDFC bank salary account in India. But in case company has instructed you to take the responsibility and open a salary account by own then you will find this article useful. Before proceeding further let me share you that, the interest rate of salary account is similar to HDFC bank savings account only.

Types of HDFC Salary Accounts In India 2016

HDFC bank has couple of types of salary account which will provide various kind of facility and rewards as per your income and company you are working for. Here is the list of all HDFC bank salary accounts below

  • Premium Salary Account
  • Regular Salary Account
  • Defence Salary Account
  • Salary Family Account
  • Classic Salary Account
  • Reimbursement Account
  • Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account – Salary

You can visit HDFC salary account details page to get complete details of each types of accounts.

Steps To open a HDFC Salary Account Online in India

The process is very easy to follow. In fact as HDFC bank website, just follow 3 steps to open you first salary account with HDFC bank.

  1. Visit HDFC bank online portal and open the online salary account opening form.
  2. As soon you submit the form online, you will get sms saying that a representative will visit your place shortly to collect the documents.
  3. When the executive visit your place, share all the necessary documents with him/her. On successful verification you will get the complete kit in your hand.

HDFC Bank Salary Account KIT Details

  • Get your Cheque book and Debit Card in 48 hours at your doorstep. Check out the ATM PIN documents is there or not.
  • Online tracking of your application status
  • Special offers and priority service with your account

Documents required to open HDFC salary account online

A Company ID cannot be accepted as a Photo ID document. A government issued photo ID card is mandatory.

  • PAN card (if available)
  • Scanned copy of your Identity & Address proof (if available)
  • Your employment proof

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