How to Redeem Yatra SBI Coupon Code at

Did you take Yatra SBI Credit Card recently? Have you been able to redeem Yatra SBI coupon code received as a joining bonus?

Recently I got my Yatra SBI Credit card as a replacement of SBI Spice Jet credit card. With that I also got many discount vouchers on domestic flights, hotel booking and holiday planning.

And immediately I found the domestic vouchers useful as I had to book a flight ticket online for my parents. There are 2 domestic vouchers of Rs 500 each to redeem while booking ticket from

In this article I will share the steps to redeem the Yatra SBI coupon code discount vouchers online and get Rs 500 cashback on total flight ticket bill.

Steps to Redeem Yatra SBI Coupon code

Make sure that you are using website to book your flight ticket to avail this cash back offer. I will not stress much on how to book a flight ticket at, rather I will tell you where you can claim the cash back offer.

I am assuming that you are able to provide passenger details, contact number, age of passenger, provided on-flight meal preference etc and finally click on the pay now button.

As soon as you reach on the payment method screen, you will find the below page where you have to choose the payment method and also you can see the total fare details.

Redeem Yatra SBI Coupon code Online

Now, look for the bottom part of the screen that I have highlighted with a red arrow sign. I have provided the Yatra SBI coupon code from one of the vouchers received and click on redeem button.

It will take few seconds and then you will find a message saying “Congrats! You have availed a discount of Rs 500“. And the ‘Apply’ button will be changed to ‘Remove’ button.

In the total amount payable area also, you can see that a component named discount of Rs 500 has been applied.

I hope this will be useful for Yatra SBI card holders or even other people who want to buy a flight ticket via using other discount coupon code. If you know any of such offers, share here by writing a simple comment.

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