Looking for small business ideas with low investment? Want to become your own boss by starting your business or company?

Gone are the days when people were completely dependent on their job and the pension they will receive after retirement. Now a days every individual is trying their level best to start their own business whether small or big. The satisfaction of having your own business is unexplainable.

If you are also such a person who wants to start a small business, then check out these 10 small business ideas with low investment in India. Anyone can start these businesses by acquiring some basic knowledge and with a very minimal investment. In case you are new to the business, then I think you should know various business terms to get comfortable and feel confident.

10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

When someone talks about small business ideas with low investment, it means that the investment principle should be more or less in the range of 2-5 lakh. And here it is not mandatory that one has to operate the business from home or outside the home. Mainly I am targeting those businesses which can be started from home also, but it is better to rent out a small shop near home to get the maximum benefit.

Let’s see what are such business options one can start with low investment.

1. Start a flower gift shop

Gifting flower has become a trend these days. In a year if you try to find out how many days you can greet someone, you will find that there are plenty of such days. E.g. birthdays, ,marriage anniversaries, job promotion, appreciation, father’s day, mother’s day, occasional parties etc. The list will never end. For every such occasion, can you start a flower shop with some gifting concept? E.g. prepare a flower bouquet as per the occasion.  Then you could definitely win the heart of many people and grow your business very soon.

Tip: This kind of business will run mostly in cities where concentration of IT related young generation is high. You can look for a shop in any popular shopping mall where you can target those category of people mostly.

2. Open  a mini grocery business with a specific product

I am not telling here to start a simple kirana store or a grocery store with each and every household item. Why not choose one of the particular item which can be in always in demand and also manageable for you? E.g.

  • A milk parlor where you will target milk related products.
  • Organic serials shop where you can target those people who love to buy organic food only
  • A masala shop which will have every types of spices, may be from International brands as well

If you try to target the organic food sector or international brand, the needed budget may be a little higher.

3. Xerox photocopy business with book binding service

Although this might look like an old business idea, but this is still very popular and people are making good money from this business. In fact the space required for this business is minimum. You can simply put the xerox machine in a small shop and continue your business.

4. Start a cyber cafe with video game parlor service

With the popularity of mobile internet, the idea of opening a cyber cafe would not be profitable. But why not allow people to play games in your cyber cafe? You might have noticed in many shopping malls the big game area where one have to pay some good amount to access those games. Why don’t you try to build a similar game parlor? If that is also not possible, you can install good games and charge people to play games.

Tips: If you own a cyber cafe, you can also look for other online money making options. E.g. you can easily start a blog or website and maintain that easily while monitoring your customers in cyber cafe.

5. Start courier service business

These days many eCommerce websites are taking off. This is one of the most profitable business in the current time. Now every eCommerce company need a courier service or delivery service to send the goods. You can tie-up with such a company and launch your courier service with them. In-fact you can take any franchisee from the big players like DTDC, Bluedart etc. and run your own business.

6. How to start a fast food joint

Food business is an evergreen formula to make some serious money.  I have seen small Maggie point turning into a moderate A-Z Maggie corner within a few months of starting.  This guy is selling more than 20 types of Maggie dishes now.

A small tea shop or a Frankie joint is making money like crazy. But the formula here is, you have to find out the accurate spot to get enough crow for your food item. E.g. near to offices, in a shopping mall etc.

7. Real estate consultant business

This might be a tricky business as you may have to handle tough people around you to beat the competition. But real estate sector in India is booming like anything and if you start a consultancy to provide property renting or buying services, then you can make huge money without investing a single penny.

When I came to Hyderabad back in 2007, I met a property broker who helped me to get a flat on rent. At that time he took Rs 3000 as brokerage. After 6 years, when I came back to Madhapur again, I found that guy in the same look and outfit. But this time he is offering me a flat of his own for rent. I was surprised to see how much he has made by doing this brokerage business.

Tip: Better to target the premium segment people by setting up an office, creating a website, and offering some decent service. Also, collaborate with some big builders so that you can provide customers to them and get support from them as well.

8. Starting a handicraft business

Primarily ly in cities Handi-crafts are getting huge popularity. Many people are spending huge money to decorate their newly bought flat with craft items.  So in such a scenario starting a handicraft business will not be a bad idea. But to do that first you have to find out a good supplier. I believe the north-east is the best place to get cheap and very innovative handicraft materials.

Tips: Handicraft business can be maintained easily by starting only an online shop. Simply promote the products on your website and deliver directly from the source.

9. Mobile phone repairing business

As technology is making our life simpler, it is also making our life more complicated. These days spending much on higher-end mobile phones (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, etc.). So it not easy for them to replace the phone frequently if any issue occurs. At the same time, if you look around, there will be very few dedicated service centers where one can approach.

Do you think you can start providing mobile phone repairing services for these segment phones?

Tip: If you can provide pick-up & drop facility then you can attract more customers.

10. Starting a travel agency business

Now travelling business is always in demand. Although there might be many local agencies operating in your city, but you have to target the right premium customers to make some good profit in this business. You can tie up with any big brands like makemytrip.com or yatra.com and also provide many tour packages solutions at affordable prices.


So, are you planning to start any of these small business ideas with low investment? Or you are planning to start a different business? You can share your suggestions and also query related to this topic by writing a comment below.