Top 10 Tips for First-time Car Buyers in 2018

Planning to buy your first car? You and your family might be very excited but at the same time you also know the pain of research or of your spouse too if you both are on the same boat. So to simplify this, here are the list of things to consider when buying your first car.

Buying a Car is not at all an easy task now, if you are not obsessed with any particular brand or model. E.g. when I bought my first Car Honda Brio, at the same time my cousin bought Maruti Suzuki Swift. He was planning to buy this car only from the day he started dreaming to have a car.

Things to consider when buying your first car India
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Although he has also researched from his end and asked me several times, but he was 100% sure about the result of his research. Unlike me, who started to buy Hyundai EON at the beginning, but ended up with Honda Brio. 🙂

Things to consider when buying your first Car

Let’s get back to our main topic, what to look for when buying your first car in India? What are the factors I have discovered during my research of buying a Car? Let’s find them one by one.

1. New Car or Used car: I don’t prefer to buy a used car, as this doesn’t go with my expectation. So, in this article I will talk about buying a new car only. If you are looking for a second hand Car and landed on this page, then the rest 9 points may not be useful for you.

2. Budget: Budget is the first important factor and even the most effective factor with which one actually buy a Car in India. Are you sure how much money you can spend for your Car? If you are planning for a Car Loan, will you be able to provide the down payment of your loan amount?

3. Mileage: You might have watched the commercial about how our country is obsessed with mileage, “Kitna deti hain” factor. Even if a company is selling the best Car on this earth with a worst mileage, I don’t think they will be able to survive in India. Anyway compare the mileage carefully among your top 5 pick cars based on your driving needs. Whether you will drive mostly in city condition or long drive or weekly once etc.

4. Brand Value: Almost every Car dealer has their own set of customers and their own brand value. It’s better to stick with a brand who has already delivered proven product in market. I am not demeaning any brand, but few of the most popular car brands in India are Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Hyundai etc.

5. After Sales Service: In the previous point, when I have mentioned about the popular Car brands in India, one of the factor of these companies are their after sales service. Again that doesn’t mean that they are the best. If you have a Nissan Car, then you will find their service is far better than Maruti Suzuki. They handle and provide many facilities and add on support compared to others.

6. Wait for the Discount season: Buying a Car is an onetime activity, so why not buy it during the festive season to get the best discount on your first Car? Try to follow the festive season as per your state. Mostly all Car dealers provide various discounts & offers on Diwali, Durgapuja, 15th August, New Year, Winter Sale etc. You just have to be patient and keep a track of your daily newspaper, if you want to save some money on you first car purchase.

7. Check Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): I have just mentioned about discount, but be careful when you visit to a Car dealer on such occasions. Never forget to check the Car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which will tell you the manufacturing year of your Car. I think you will not be interested to buy a 2 years old Car, with a less price under some festive discount.

8. Bargain for Accessories: I can say this from my own experience. I was able to take few essential accessories like seat cover, floor mats, car cover and a defogger @ 60% discount. They were not giving it at the first time. So, try to negotiate as much as you can, I know I am not at all a good bargainer. 🙂

9. Pre-Delivery Inspection: Ask for a pre-delivery inspection, before taking the Car out of showroom. This is one of the important step when buying a Car. In fact car dealers will not mention about that and if you don’t know about this, you may come up with surprises after taking the Car out of the showroom, if you not that lucky. So, better to do that and check everything in detail as per your requirement.

10. Petrol or Diseal or CNG: When I bought Honda Brio, I read many places that Diesel Cars are costly to maintain. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have that option to research, as Honda Brio Diesel is not yet in market. But again, I will say first understand your driving need and then only choose the Car variant. If you are not at all driving daily, then there is no point to think much about fuel economy. I know, many people may not agree on that topic.

So, these are the things to consider when buying your first car. Take a look at all these factors while researching for your new car. I am not a Car expert, but of course a Car owner now. I am sharing my experience here, which I believe will be helpful for someone. Share your first Car buying experience & any other things to consider while buying a Car in India by writing a comment below.

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  1. Superb article Santanu! That’s a super good tip to buy during a holiday season. I know in the US they have HUGE sales around Christmas and the 4th of July. It’s probably well worth the wait, that is if you are able to wait.
    I found a similar article that goes into a little more detail about the negotiation of the price, and ways you can avoid the face-to-face negotiation if that’s something that makes you nervous, like myself.
    You can find that article here:

  2. I am going to buy a new car. I found your blog post when Googling. These 10 tips are great.
    Thank for share Santanu !

  3. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to make sure you can afford the down payment for a car loan. I’ve been saving up some money each month, and I think I have enough to afford to buy a decent car. I’ll definitely create a budget to see what exactly I can afford, and I’ll start my search for the right vehicle after that. Thanks for the great post!

  4. I am getting my first car in April and already feel overwhelmed with all of the advice that I’ve been getting. However, I appreciate it all and really understand the importance of considering everyone’s experienced knowledge. Right now, I’m focusing on looking at car insurance and which used car dealership I should buy from. Do you have any tips on choosing one?

    1. I think it is better to buy car insurance from your car dealer only, if they provide. I found many people buying car insurance from various other companies who are providing very low cost insurance, without knowing about the exclusions.

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