Cone Volume Calculator

The Cone Volume Calculator is a user-friendly and efficient tool designed to calculate the volume of a cone quickly. Whether a geometry student or an architect working on complex designs, this handy tool will save you time and effort in your calculations. Cone Volume Calculator Cone Volume Calculator Enter the radius of the cone: Enter … Read more

Remove Spaces from Text

Use this Remove Spaces tool to eliminate unnecessary white spaces between text. Either you can remove all spaces from the text or delete the extra two spaces or more spaces between words in a sentence. Text is crucial in communication, information sharing, and data processing. However, sometimes, text may contain unnecessary spaces that hinder its … Read more

Reverse Text Generator

Use this Reverse Text Generator tool to reverse any text. This activity is enjoyable to generate the reverse of any text in backward directions. Reverse text, also known as mirrored or backward text, is a unique linguistic phenomenon where the order of characters in a sequence is reversed. It is an intriguing concept that can … Read more

XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger

Use this XML sitemap generator for blogger websites to create sitemaps easily. Blogger websites don’t have direct XML sitemap URLs like WordPress. That’s why you need this tool to generate Blogger XML Sitemap. After that, you can submit the same using the Blogger Robots.txt file. This way, you can submit your website to popular search … Read more

Sentence Count Checker

Use this online sentence count checker tool to determine how many sentences are in a paragraph. You can paste a few paragraphs or the entire blog post or article in this tool below, and it will instantly find out how many sentences there are in that content. Online Sentence Counter Online Sentence Counter Enter your … Read more

Word Count Checker

Use this word count checker tool to know how many words are in a paragraph. You can paste the entire blog post or article or a few paragraphs in this word count generator tool, and it will show you how many words and characters there are. Word Count Tool Count Words Word Count: Character Count … Read more

HTML Link Code Generator

If you want to convert a URL to HTML hyperlink, then this HTML link code generator tool will help you. You just have to provide the keyword, the target URL address and choose a few other options. This tool will provide you with the HTML code to use the URL in any website. Link URL: … Read more

Permalink Generator Online

Want to create a permalink for any sentence? Then you can use this permalink generator online tool where you have to provide the keyword, which will automatically create the permalink. This tool is beneficial in generating permalinks for BlogSpot websites. There is an option for blogger articles to provide a custom permalink, but the URL … Read more

PayPal Fee Calculator

This PayPal Fee Calculator will help you determine how much extra changes you must pay during transactions. PayPal is a viral platform to receive and transfer money. In every transaction, PayPal will deduct some changes or add some charges as per the country. Pick the country from the below PayPal Fee Calculator, and you will … Read more

Robots.txt Generator for Blogger

Use this tool to create custom robots.txt files for blogger websites. For a WordPress website, creating a robots.txt file with the help of SEO plugins like Rank Math SEO Plugin is super easy. For BlogSpot websites, you need to generate a robots.txt file and then add the same to that website using the Blogger Settings … Read more