Top 5 Sources for New Financial Products & Services

Every year at the end of financial year, people get ready for investment as the motive behind the same is to save income tax. And this is the best time of the year when every bank or financial institution is trying to launch their new products to attract customer and increase their sell. This article is not for them, but for a user like me who want to know what are the new financial products launching in coming days. As a blogger, I have to track many sources to collect various useful information to publish. In this article I will share such sources which you can also follow to track what financial products and services are going to launch in 2016.

Best resources for financial products and services

It is very important that one should know what is coming or what is discontinued to make your investment decisions in a better way. You might be investing in some product which is old, whereas your friends might invest in a new product which is really best in the market. So, it is better to research and stay informed all the time before freezing your financial decisions or actions.

Newspaper Magazines: Although this is the age of internet and whatsup, but this is the first source on which I rely the most. In fact I believe still now everyone prefer to promote any newly launched product via newspaper only. And that is very eye catchy also. So, I always prefer print media to get updated with the new offerings.

Internet/Blogs: Off-course this is the 2nd source of information. For instant news, you can’t find newspapers or magazines useful. You have to rely on newspaper only. E.g. in case Govt declare a new scheme today, it will be published by online newspapers, blogs and websites immediately.

From Friends & Family: There will be someone in your family or friends or within your colleagues who is personal finance enthusiastic. Make sure you get involved in some discussion with him/her regularly to stay updated if you don’t like to follow first 2 sources.

Financial Adviser: This is one step higher action I believe. In case you are too busy with your every life & work and don’t have time to plan for your investment actions then better to hire a financial adviser and seek advice regularly. But you should also involve yourself whenever you get time to review whether things are going as per your expectations only. Rather than that, I think you can look for robo advisers in India and get free investment help and also invest money without any hassle.

Call Centers/Banks if you have not registered for DND service: Last point might be irritating but I feel it is also very effective. Don’t activate DND service in your mobile phone as you will surely get many calls in case any new product like credit card or personal loan or insurance policy come into market. Believe me, this is one of the reliable source of information for me to find new blogging topics and I have shared couple of my articles getting informed from such sources only.

So, what is the best source for your case to collect financial products and services launch? Share your story or any other source you follow by writing a simple comment below.

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  1. Santanu, I feel getting tips from top finance blogs through email subscription is best. It comes free too. Such reviews would help investors to know the pros and cons.

    1. Thanks Suresh for your point to share here. you are 100% correct, email newsletter is the most effective way to do the same.
      Another thing I think can be included here is people’s question on new products & services on personal finance blogs.

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