How To Transfer SBI Bank Account To Another Branch

Are you planning to move to a new city or planning planning to switch your company to a new state and thinking that you have to open a new bank account? Then you need not worry anymore as you can easily transfer your bank account to a new city or a different branch in the same very easily. In this article I will talk more about specifically about savings bank account transfer to a new city. As I have done the same thing 2 times when I have changed my city from Kolkata to Hyderabad and vice versa. Although almost all modern day bank has very easy to account transfer facility, where SBI has its own typical way of doing things.

Steps To Transfer SBI Bank Account To Another Branch

Recently I have transferred my wife’s Axis bank account to Kolkata Axis bank branch and amazed with the process. You can easily do this by visiting the Axis bank online portal and change the bank account branch details online. But in case of SBI account transfer, you have to follow the step by step guide below.

1) Take Home Branch Approval: First of all you have to visit your current branch and then submit a hand-written application stating your target branch an source branch. Submit the application to branch manager and take necessary signature & approval. In case you have already shifted to new city, then you have to write an email to that specific sbi branch.

Wondering how to get SBI branch email id? This is also very simple to find out. Generally most of the branch email id consist of the sbi branch code. You can easily google it and find it out.

2) Submit Application To New Branch: Now you have either the email approval or the written approval of account transfer. Next you have to visit the nearest SBI branch of your new city where you have to show the approval from your source branch. They will ask you to fill up a new form where you can provide the new communication address and the branch transfer details. You are done with your part, your sbi account will be transferred to the new branch.

If you have changed your mobile number also, make sure you have asked for updating your registered SBI net banking mobile number. Generally mobile number changing is also not required, as you can easily shift your mobile network circle nowadays keeping the same number or use mobile number portability.

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