Women can File Income Tax Return for free Online with ClearTax.in

A very good news for the all the earning women in India. Now they can file Income Tax Return for free online with Cleartax.in. This is another Cleartax tax filling service which was taken by ClearSharp Technology Pvt Ltd.

Initially this facility was provided provided up to a specific time period. But if you visit their website it still valid. They can easily enjoy the benefit completely free.  Women can also use the ClearTax service for automatic Form 16 PDF reading totally free. Alternatively they can avail the paid Chartered Accountant guided service from ClearTax.

Keep a track for their latest updates and offer by bookmarking www.cleartax.in. Like other online tax filling tool this is also another website which can make your life easy and flexible just taking all your online income tax return filing process.

Women File Income Tax Return for free Online

Not only that, if a man wants, he can avail this offer for his wife, mother or girlfriend. Also they can inform their women co-workers about this offer.

In India awareness among women about their income tax is very less. Mostly their husband, brother or some other male friend used to do these jobs on behalf of them till now. This step from Cleartax. in will definitely attract their attention and make them more aware about income tax in coming days.

You can simply visit their portal and click on the link Free for Women . After clicking on Start Your Tax Return now, provide all the necessary information. Then follow steps as directed there.

Read all the necessary services they provide for free only for women. Hope they will come next with more attracting offers to compete with other online tax e filing services.

So women, now  file Income Tax Return for free online with Cleartax.in. If you have already used their services, specially for women please share your experience here to make our readers aware about this.

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